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Five-Color Horde

by Solitary Soul

artifact artifact control budget budget control budget deck five color five color control
Format: Modern
Latest Set: Core Set 2021
Last Modified On: 9/24/2020
Market Median Low
$173.46 $77.50
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.28


This five-color deck of mine is built to conjure an army in relatively short time. I use cards such as Etherium Sculptor and Jhoira's Familiar to make my artifacts significantly cheaper to cast, therefore allowing me to use more cards in a turn. Goblin Welder allows me to reuse artifacts when I sacrifice them for other purposes, such as with the abilities of Thopter Foundry and Phyrexia's Core, and I can keep bringing my Myr Battlesphere back from the dead to build big armies quickly. There is also a variety of toolbox cards, such as Treasure Mage and Fierce Empath, that allow me to get what I need when I need it (at least to some degree). Karn gives me a huge advantage by allowing me to add any artifact of my choice that I own from outside the game to my hand, so I made the sideboard list the many artifacts I have that I would acquire using Karn. Alas, my favorite game-ender is Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer. Brudiclad gives all of my creature tokens haste and creates a 2/1 blue Myr token at the beginning of each combat. The best part of it, however, is his ability to allow me to choose any token I control. When I do, all other tokens I control become copies of that token. That means cards such as Oviya Pashiri and Gold-Forge Garrison (transforms from Golden Guardian) that create tokens of considerable strength have their productions multiplied to an extreme extent as the tokens created by Myr Battlesphere, Pentavus, and many other cards are changed into that one high-powered machine. All in a moment, I could be throwing a couple dozen 22/22 Construct tokens at you, making for a very satisfying victory. (I used only cards I actually own in this design)

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