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UG post (revised)

by Teapot

Format: Modern
Latest Set: Magic 2012 (M12)
Last Modified On: 8/27/2011
Market Median Low
$854.65 $683.59
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 4.19


this is an alternate list made from the following.. http: magic.tcgplayer.com db deck.asp?deck_id=904207 mana - your mana base was screwed, you only had 4 ways to get colored mana right off the bat with no artifact help either. i modified the land and mana source base so that you have 18 ways to get colored mana instead of only 4.. -2 flooded grove -2 academy ruins -2 glimmerpost +3 forest +2 misty rainforest +1 island +4 simic signet +3 solemn simulacrum even with this help though you dont have a consistant enough mana base to support 4 cryptic commands so i had to cut two of them. life from the loam gives you crazy reach, you can gifts for a vasuva, cloudpost, glimmerpost, and lftl and just get them all, also lets you go get your academy ruins without worring about it. tooth and nail gives you an instant win card, if you get to this point they have to have the counter or you pretty much win the game. ramp - instead of going with 4 reap and sows i added 2 explor and cut 2 reap and sows. i figured if you use reap and sow even one time without its intwine cost your better off with a cantrip, also gives your lotl more reach (dredge lotl, explore, play lotl, play two lands). i think sylvan scrying is still very very usful as a secondary way to get your lands besides gifts. i cut 3 crucibles because you really only need one as a gifts target when you have lotl. also i cut 2 mindslavers for the same reason, i would only go with 1 slaver but if you want two to make sure one doesnt get removed from game, i guess thats ok, same with academy ruins. win cons - you still have the mindslaver lock, and instead of 4 blightsteel, i cut it to 2 and added an emrakul, also in the board there is an ulamog, this is so you cant get pithing needled. board, this deck is going to have trouble with speedy decks like merfolk and rdw. so the vine trelliss, razormane masticore, and fog or a fog effect, is for fast agro decks, plow under is for other control decks, tormonds crypt is for anyone else playing emrakul or a similar dude. comments, questions, concerns?

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