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Average CMC: 2.81


This is a casual Modern deck that I've played with and have been tuning a lot. This list is mostly constrained by the cards that are available to me. While this deck won't even come close to winning actual Modern event, it does exceedingly well at providing you with the maximum amount of fun in the Constructed Open Play - Just for Fun room on MTGO. The combo is that Laboratory Maniac says you win if you draw a card while you have no cards in your library, and Leveler says that when it enters the battlefield, you exile your library. It is a very risky combo, but that is why there is a Silence, 2 Mana Leaks, and an Ojutai's Command in the main deck. If you end up killing yourself because you exiled your own library, then you had fun doing so. The blue permanent choices in the deck either help keep yourself alive, disrupt your opponent, you help you get to the cards you want. Cryptoplasm ends up being very flexible, as you might imagine, by either becoming a Laboratory Maniac, your opponent's creature to prevent it from killing you, or one of your walls if your opponent's creatures don't help or you need a blue permanent. The one thing that they all have in common though is that they trigger Mirror-Sigil Sergeant, which ends up being the main win condition. The one semi interesting piece of tech is the 1-of Blinkmoth Nexus. The main purpose is to work in combination with Worship to prevent you from dying. This forces your opponent to have instant speed removal if they want to kill you. It also has the added bonus of being a 1/1 flier, if you need that as your last resort win condition, which happened to me at least once on my stream. I find this deck to be very fun to play, especially with the yolo Leveler.

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