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Flying Feline Soul Procession

by CalebCobweb

bant cat tribal combo competitive enchantement reanimator tokens
Format: Standard
Latest Set: Hour of Devastation
Last Modified On: 9/10/2017
Market Median Low
$96.10 $107.65 $56.47
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Average CMC: 2.83


I built this deck because a friend said that Eldrich Moon was one of the worst set Wiz ever put out. Personally I think it is not a weak set at all and to prove it I made this deck centered on the bazaar card. Soul Separator And ended up being sort of an Enchantment / Graveyard deck with Regal Caracal as my main win con. Creatures with eternalize and a sideboard of Control Auras and alternate win cons. This is a very consistent, reliable and budget deck. (Sans the Foils the deck costs $60) give Eldrich Moon another chance it will definitely surprise you! Strategy Activate Soul Separator on Regal Caracal from the graveyard with Anointed Procession on the battlefield. The Mana base Curving out turn 1-5 Turn 1: Land - mana for card:Vessal of Necesany or Sacred Cat Turn 2: Land to cast Strategic Planning or any color mana to sack card:Vessal of Necesany if we got that card out turn 1. We are trying to put a Regal Caracal in the graveyard. Turn 3: Land, Soul Separator Turn 4: Land, Anointed Procession Turn 5: Land, sack Soul Separator during opponents turn seperating Regal Caracal To Get 2 (3/3) zombie cats 2 (1/1) regal cat souls 8 (1/1)cats which is really 8 (3/3) because of 2 (1/1) regal cats souls. Turn 6: Land, cast Aven Wind Guide from hand or graveyard.Swing in for 36 DMG flying, vigilance, lifelink.
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