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Human Reanimator

by CoolBendo

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Gatecrash
Last Modified On: 3/10/2013
Market Median Low
$759.84 $605.78
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.95


i was watching stream of a tournament, when humanimator(no blue), got crushed by naya blitz, and i felt that if the humanimator player had a supreme verdict, they definietly would have stabilized at a healthy life total and won. i then proceeded to create a deck with no red, and blue for verdict, and then also snapcaster mage cause hes a human, and can rebuy abrupt decay(after sb), and supreme verdict. this means if your spells get milled, they arent dead cards because you have snapcaster. even if snapcaster gets milled, he can be reanimated cause hes a human. also, there is a combo in which you can make snapcaster enter the battlefield infinite times, hence humanimator. that means your graveyard virtually becomes your hand! the real combo here though is with apprentice and fiend hunter, cartel aristocrat, and angel of glorys rise, and finally labratory maniac, which will draw your whole deck or how many cards you want, or just win by milling yourself with apprentice and maniac. one last interesting thing is corpse traders in the sb. this card is drastically underrated. you bring it in against midrange and control, like decks such as jund and esper, and if you sacrifice a creature, which is good cause its coming right back anyways, you strip their hand of their best card, no clause included. if you have six mana, things get crazy as you strip their hand of their two best cards every turn. thats my deck, tell me what you think and what can be improved. thanks!
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