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Temur Abilities

by DramaJerry

combo deck standad
Format: Standard
Latest Set: Kaldheim
Last Modified On: 3/27/2021
Market Median Low
$322.62 $366.38 $233.56
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.63


This is a combo deck that has the possibility of outright winning the game on turn five. the combo requires many cards for it to work therefore lacking the consistency of competitive decks. the combo works like this. assuming you play a land every turn that is the right color you play kinnan turn 2. turn three svella. turn four play zirda and make a icy manalith with svella (it costs two less to do because of zirda) then tap the manalith to play a tangled florahedron (the icy manalith taps for two mana because of kinnan). now turn five is the big turn. you have nine mana, five from your lands, two from the icy manalith, and two from tangled florahedron. you first activate svella and crate a icy manalith therfore getting an extra mana to have a total of ten. now activate kinnan's ability for five mana (two less because of zirda) and hopefully find a nyxbloom ancient. now nyxbloom ancient triples your mana and you have fifteen mana. activate kinnan again and hopefully get a goldspan dragon. now with the goldspan dragon hopefully play a snakeskin veil on him to trigger his ability and get a treasure (the treasure taps for 7, two because of the goldspan dragons ability to produce two mana then tripled by nyxbloom then an additional one from kinnan) then from there go off by getting big creatures with kinnans ability. it in theory works but it rarely ever works but if you dont get the combo off in the perfect turn order its still not impossible to combo off in other ways.

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