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Gonti Blink

by Hugomarink

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Aether Revolt
Last Modified On: 3/1/2017
Market Median Low
$232.02 $246.04 $162.92
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.31


I am trying to build a deck that is centered around abusing Gonti's ability to steal and play your opponent's cards. I figured including 4x Panharmonicon is a must in this deck to double up on Gonti's ETB ability. The rest is compiled of creatures that add value when blinked and then some blink effects and, of course, Eldrazi Displacer, along with a healthy amount of removal to stay alive until we can get things going. I don't know if this deck is any good. I've tried to find other decks out there that abuse Gonti but haven't found much so doing this one on my own here. Notes: 1. Originally had 4x Thought-Knot Seer in here because his trigger with Panharmonicon (and if he's blinked) is pretty devastating. But I was worried about the mana base in this deck as I feel it's going to be hard enough to get the double-white and double-black mana I'll need to cast a lot of my creatures without having to worry about the colorless requirement to cast Thought-Knot. I realize Eldrazi Replacer requires colorless for his ability but at least I don't need it to cast him. I replaced Thought-Knot with 3x Angel of Invention and 1x Linvala, but not sure if that's the right way to go. But the deck is obviously susceptible to flyers so I thought that'd be better defensively. 2. Considered going with B/U for this deck to run Glint Nest Crane to find Panharmonicon but decided to stick with B/W. But maybe B/U is the better way to go to make it more of a control blink deck. Any suggestions on this are welcome. I think there are some good blue blink effects but not sure what they are at the moment.

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