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Mono Black Discard

by Hugomarink

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Kaladesh
Last Modified On: 12/7/2016
Market Median Low
$186.01 $109.03
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.08


Played this in a recent Standard Showdown and it destroyed BG Delirium. I went 2-0 and 2-1 against them. But I think with all the hand disruption and dropping big Eldrazi creatures (that you can pump up even bigger with Ruins of Oran-Rief) that this deck can do well in other match-ups. This list is based on Dev's list (Strictly Better MTG) on YouTube, but I made several important modifications, including swapping out 2x Distended Mindbender for 2x Gonti, Lord of Luxury, bringing in 3X Complete Disregard, which is an all-star against BG Delirium because it exiles most of their creatures (Grim Flayer, Sylvan Advocate, Ishkanah, and Kalitas), and putting in 4 Harsh Scrutiny mainboard, which is an absolute killer T1 play. I also included Visions of Brutality in the sideboard as a weapon against BG Delirium since it basically takes out one of their creatures without putting it in the graveyard. I also originally had 2x Shamble Back in the sideboard as a weapon against BG Delirium but never sided it in so I took it out and added the fourth Grasp of Darkness and another copy of Lost Legacy. But the sideboard can probably be tweaked depending on the meta you're dealing with.

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