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by jerb3

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Dark Ascension
Last Modified On: 3/1/2012
Market Median Low
$172.25 $190.41 $100.41
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.92


some notes on card selection: this is before u b control was becoming popular, so the list may need reworking. shrine is insane against control, and may need to be maindecked again. it used to be g w tokens that destroyed control, but the format changed to aggro, so b w is better vs aggro (lifegain from vault) and g w is better vs control. hero is amazing blade splicer is ok. its good vs pro white stuff like phyrexian crusader or things with swords, but overall its just ok. i was thinking about substituting in either swords or orings for it. haunting is amazing elspeth is amazing, albeit a little slow day is actually really useful, im usually happy when i see one in my hand...again, maybe better if your environment is heavy on aggro. my version is a little slow so i can throw down anthems and such then day later. i used to play 4x timely main deck to stay alive until i could get my deck online. lingering souls and virtue need to explaining oring is removal honor if the pure is good, but sometimes i get overloaded with enchantments and no critters to pump up or ppl just blow up all my enchantments with a ratchet bomb since they all cost 2. divine offering is pretty useful, and there are so many critical artifacts to hit (tempered steel decks, pod decks, swords) but revoke might be even better since it hits enchantments that screw up my game plan and gets rid of wurmcoils ... sorin might be good but i dont have any...although he doesnt make fliers which is very relevant if u b control becomes really good i will probably go back to g w because it might be more powerful in a control environment (they cant kill my shrines, and with revoke naturalize i wont be cursed, plus i would get parallel lives back...maybe splash black for the occasional flashback of lingering?) g w dealt with aggro pretty well, but it just flat out folds to wolf ramp. any suggestions are welcome!

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