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Monoblack Matt Daimon

by mtgcuck

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Core Set 2019
Last Modified On: 8/25/2018
Market Median Low
$62.89 $71.13 $28.15
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.17


While this deck is on a great budget currently, do not be mistaken, I designed this deck with the sole intention to compete with the top decks in this format, and I believe I have succeeded. Demon of Catastrophes is the all star here in most match-ups; with Rite of Belzenlok, Dowsing Dagger, and even Fungal Infection in the mainboard for some easy fodder to sack. Isareth the Awakener + Ravenous Chupacabra loops are also available, as well as a healthy amount of other creature* removal cards for this explosive midrange deck. Cast Down is the primary removal card here in the mainboard. Dire fleet poisoner also may act as a psuedo-removal spell if used in such a manner. Walk the Plank, while covering the most ground for targets in this meta, I chose to keep as a 2-of to keep a more dynamic tempo to this deck. Phyrexian Scriptures is an excellent card that really went under the radar since release. It fits very well with the Phylactery Lich approach to punish decks with limited artifact removal (E.G. mirror, blue/white decks, and post sideboard in after games that didn't display powerful artifact spells). Here are some general sideboard swaps for common match-ups: Monored ======= ADD ___ +2 Essence Extraction +1 Infernal Reckoning +2 golden demise Remove _______ -1 Rite of Belzenlok -1 Blackblade Reforged -1 demonlord belzenlok -1 cabal stronghold -1 phyrexian scriptures/dire fleet poisoner ============ Green stompy sneaky lich mode I referenced earlier*: ADD Infernal Reckoning against vehicle nonsense +3 Phylactery Lich +1 forebear's blade +1 Traxos, Scourge of Kroog Remove -2 Demonlord Belzenlok -1 Cabal Stronghold -1 Rite of Belzenlok -1 Josu Vess, Lich Knight if you're not worried about getting stomped out before the bombs come down, add blackblade reforged and drop a dire fleet poisoner or a removal spell if their protection spells are doing you dirty. -____-_______-_____-_______- Control match-ups drop the removal for some card draw and some bombs that work around their removal Lich surprise technique still may apply depending on what kind of control deck it is... ...So that basically goes over every match-up in the current format lol Sorcerous Spyglass should probably be in here, as well as moment of craving, vraska's contempt, and maybe a couple duress, I just chose to use my sideboard for an "alternative strategy" rather just a broad feathering of answers to specific cards/strategies, like sideboards typically are used. Yes I'm aware I don't have great answers for Scarab God; I'm thinking post-rotation here (when I actually buy this deck)

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