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jund budget tempo

by Randall Ferguson

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Ixalan
Last Modified On: 10/23/2017
Market Median Low
$96.74 $92.19 $34.13
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.03


Technically it's a 4 color deck i know. This deck works off the -1 counters and cycle ability. It has a solid mana curve and each creature benefits many of the others. Bloodrage brawler is a 2 of, because he does make you discard which helps flameblade adept and archfiend of ifnir, but there isn't much card draw except for the scorpion god and cycle effects. Running 3 archfiend of ifnir instead of 3 scorpion gods because game 1 id like to try and control the aggro temur energy and ramunap red decks. -1 counters take care of pirate god decks where the one drop siren pirate wizard may be sacced just to prevent a single -1 counter...unknowingly we will be using many many -1 counters. You may ask why solemnity for the sideboard. This is because post sideboard we can keep channeler initiate as a bear and use the red cards in the deck to turn slightly aggro mostly just stompy.

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