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Shawn's version R/G LD

by shawnreed343

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Time Spiral
Last Modified On: 11/20/2006
Market Median Low
$210.44 $359.27 $131.24
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.9


i had run a slight variation of this deck at states in iowa and came in 9th (one loss from bad luck to a top 8 glare deck and one fair and square to a top 8 owl deck greater garzadons crushed me ). an explanation of why for the cards i chose: 4 avalanche riders- 4 mana for ld fits with most ld in the format- getting a 2 2 swing in as well is a heck of a bonus for 'no extra mana'. paying echo is optional- do so if you can afford to. 4 birds- for obvious reasons, and that turn two ld. 4 call of the herd- massive card advantage with the flashback, and a win condition. 2 creeping mold- can answer enchantments and artifacts, but still mostly the ld. 4 cryoclasm- for the current field, yes. easy to sideboard out. 3 llanowar elves- on occasion it can be nice to pump this guy with pendelhaven, but mostly he's another turn one mana-accelerant. 4 magivore = huge in mid to late game. this deck is chock full of sorceries. he's often larger than a 4 4 for 4, and on top of it he can swing the turn he comes into play- a big and wonderful surprise to topdeck. 2 pyroclasm- great against the agressive creature decks in the format, at least if they don't cloak or unstable, or otherwise pump, or have enough mana for a big-butt creature. though combining with a suicidal swing can often help. 3 rift bolt- one or three mana is a pleasant choice for dealing three damage, and in this deck another sorcery for an -almost- inevitable 'vore is another damage on top. good removal for the deck. 4 stone rain- 3cc ld is -good-. it = a turn two -potential- lock, if you can keep it up and they can't draw enough land. even later, to cast ld and having the extra mana for something else. 2 tin street hooligans- for being a bear that can -blow up an artifact-. this is great against many tier 1 decks out there- even enough to tempt running a third. 4 wreak havoc- one word: uncounterable. the 2 pendelhavens- they can only pump the llanowars in the deck, but they are also potential ld against another deck that runs pendelhavens. 20 land total- with 4 birds and 3 elves and nothing above 4cc, as well as the need to only play one spell -most- turns (as you'd find by playtesting), you don't need a flood of land. adding more is taking away efficiency- if you want to add more land to avoid mana-screwage, your luck just sucks. ;p and the sideboard: 3 blood moon- totally wrecks many three-color decks in the field, and puts a serious crimp on a lot of dual-color decks. actually a consideration for running maindeck- but personal choice sets them to the side (even though they come in more often than not). 2 boiling seas- the current field tends to have either blue or white within their fold, and even a 2-for-1 is good. 2 flashfires- for the same reason. 3 assault battery- helps against agressive decks and is versatile. 3 naturalize- against many tier 1 decks, like tron (as a great example)- though another hooligan or even two would tempt the slot(s), enduring renewal and mesas and glare itself does prompt enchantment-hate, even with the idea of not letting them have the land for it. 2 pyroclasm- for more hate of fast creature decks, though this slot could also be filled with sulfurous blast. personal choice for more speed, feel free to switch it up.

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