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by sir_christophe

Format: Standard
Latest Set: 10th Edition
Last Modified On: 8/31/2007
Market Median Low
$88.80 $102.65 $60.83
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.14


the general plan is to keep the board clean with removal and remands until you have a hand containing eye of the storm and either twitch or mystical teachings, and with 1 or more karoo on the table. with eye of the storm on the table, step 1 is to play twitch to untap your karoo and draw a card. steps 2+ are to continue playing instants sorceries. now everytime you plan another instant or sorcery, you can then play the copy of twitch to untap a karoo! most cards in the deck are instants or sorceries that cost 2 or less, so you can continue this process indefinitely. tapping the karoo for ur to play a 1-drop lets you bank the 1 remaining mana in pool to play any 3-drops you may have in hand. the pacts are there for the same reason (they let you bank 2 mana!). eventually you will draw into (or mystical teachings for) the lone grapeshot, which becomes lethal very quickly (every copy of every spell you have played to that point counts toward your storm count - if grapeshot is the 6th spell you play, it will deal 21 points if you stack it correctly, if it's the 7th spell you play, it will deal 28 points, etc.) the cantrips and scry effects make the deck pretty reliable, generally goldfishing around turn 7. mystical teachings tutors for most of what's in the deck. tolaria west tutors for a karoo or a pact. gemstone mine has synergy with the karoos, and is an additional w source if you side in angel's grace. incidentally, angel's grace on eots is practically the same as a scepter-chant lock. i don't play tournaments so it didn't seem likely that the deck would see the light of day if i didn't publicly post it. for that reason, i have no matchup figures, though the amount and type of board control should let it do fairly well against an aggro strategy, so long as the creatures it deals with will die to pyroclasm. teferi is in the side to allow you to go off unmolested if your opponent packs instants. i put angel's grace in there as well if you need a 1 round reprieve. last thing that just occurred to me is that if you tap out to drop eots, and have a pact in your hand, you can play it on your opponent's turn to save your backside, and on your turn, during the upkeep when the pay-or-lose-the-game trigger goes on the stack, you still have a chance to respond to the trigger and

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