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The Plague

by storkx92

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Mirrodin Besieged
Last Modified On: 2/5/2011
Market Median Low
$688.03 $583.79
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.94


give creatures -1 -1 counters, proliferate away larger creatures cause life loss for opponent life gain for self and beat face mb explanations: bsz: mass -1 -1 for proliferate or just a mass board wipe doom blade: spot removal duress: get rid of counterspells or plansewalkers massacre wurm: massive board wipe, beat stick, and life loss engine mind sludge: excellent against control or late game in general sangromancer: works well with board wipe, kill spells, and mind sludge sign in blood: card draw contagion engine: mass board wipe proliferate contagion clasp: great early following opponents mana dorks(i.e. lotus cobra or birds of paradise) throne of geth: proliferate and get rid of artifacts that have served their purpose or ichor wellspring ichor wellspring: card draw and throne of geth fuel inkmoth nexus: alternate kill poison counters and proliferate sb explanations: memoricide: remove planeswalkers or other cards tough to deal with vampire hexmage: deal with planeswalkers ichor rats: easy poison counter early contagion engine: more board wipe and proliferate doom blade:extra spot removal phyrexian crusader: great defense against boros or any other quick red or white deck even at 3 mana

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