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by tr011 i5 1337

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Darksteel
Last Modified On: 4/22/2004
Market Median Low
$281.32 $325.16 $233.42
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.71


this deck's open to any contructive criticism, keyword constructive. i went the johnny approach to this deck, and i don't claim any amazing results, so bear with me. i'll go through some of my card choices so you can sort of get into my head when i was thinking about this deck. wand - win condition, best blue has. kraken is too expensive and fragile, djinn gets infinitely chumped by eternal, ditto for quicksilver dragon bribery - basically, 3 more win conditions in the deck. goblins - siege gang, w x - big flyer, tooth - fatty, raffinity - disciple enforcer depending on board stone - blowing up aggro's board is always good, keeps you alive long enough to setup a wand and some fliers tethers - tapping is sometimes better than sending their camp to the graveyard, and it cycles for a card solemn - control's wet dream 3-for-1, smooths your late game mana and draws you a card when you chump him (which you will) annul - artifact world, it counters artifacts remove soul - opponents play creatures, it counters creatures mana leak - general early game counter thirst for knowledge - your basic card draw 4 chrome mox - speeds out your early stone solemn, later on can be pitched to a thirst 17 island - best basic land in magic 4 seat of the synod - blue mana, can be pitched to thirst 3 echoing truth - general bounce 1 stalking stones - win condition sideboard stabilizer - stops rift slide from eating away at your 2 2 fliers march of the machines - raffinity better have its win condition on the table sandbar - against raffinity, -4x mox -3 bribery +3x sandbar +4x motm wrath of marit lage - haven't got to test this much against goblins...any feedback would do wonders.

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