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Boros Spartan Legion

by Vincentilforte

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Theros
Last Modified On: 12/7/2013
Market Median Low
$101.50 $60.85
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 1.12


i felt like making a heroic deck that with a few tweaks could be a competitive deck. phalanx leader to make everyone stronger, akroan crusader to vomit out haste tokens, favored hoplite to make a good one drop blocker or early hero threat, anax and cymede to give that final push, especially with trample. then for the side: blind obedience for aggro decks esper control (aetherling and obzedat ghost daddy) skullcrack for against sphinxs revelation, fabled hero for against gr devotion, cavalry pegasus to grant possibly a late game all-out flying blitz madcap skills, and titans strength for for that extra heroic effect you think will give you that game winning push and finally brave the elements for against monoblack to save most of your creatures or for another all out blitz for the game win. granted its far from perfect, but i hope to get the kinks worked out, so it runs as smooth as the devotion decks do. update 12 27 13 - won a tournament 4-0-0, with a small alterations to the sideboard (yet to be updated) and the addition of the temple of triumphs. won against mono-blue devotion, gb devotion, bant aggro, and bw heroic

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