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Red Revenge

by wesgiff

Format: Standard
Latest Set: Shards of Alara
Last Modified On: 10/13/2008
Market Median Low
$68.90 $73.28 $27.16
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.14


this is a new take on the red revenge that includes cards from shards and eventide. tattermunge maniac was not included because most times he always ends up running head first into a creature. which trading one for one during the early game is fine. with the inclusion of magma spray however, i can remove one of their creatures from the game. which is a helpfull late game play plus early. tattermunge is only a early game play. not only that it's helpful against pretty much all persist and or evoke creatures (makeshift mannequin + mulldrifter). i decided to run stigma lasher in here because i feel that even though he may sometimes end up as two red mana for a two two bear with whither there will always be the chance that the opponent will run life gain. that's always big trouble for red. plus even though they could block and kill most of the time they will avoid doing so because of the whither. i'm running hell's thunder due to the simple reason he's a four four with haste that has some evasion and can recur, and reccurance is always awesome. side board was designed to handle all the annoying decks that haven't really changed at all or could show up. gutteral response over vexing shusher because vexing shusher can be shot in the face with a nameless inversion or agony warp. plus response can target mirror weave. firespout for the possible weenie rush. fulminator and faerie macabre for the troublesome five color control decks. moonglove extract for the simplistic yet devastating burrenton forge-tender. which i assure besides life gain is red revenge's worst nightmare. i haven't played against the mirror match yet but hopefully i]i can either outrace the opponant or my sideboard can handle them.

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