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W/U Vultron - Bruna, Light of Alabaster Budget EDH

by Eatos

bruna wu auras
Format: Commander
Latest Set: Ravnica Allegiance
Last Modified On: 3/12/2019
Market Median Low
$68.74 $26.92
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.98


This is my take on Bruna, Light of Alabaster. I've designed it to be relatively budget, somewhere around $50 for the median price. It plays like you'd think it would: get enchantments on Bruna. There are some great tutors for auras like three dreams and open the armory, and there are enough auras in the deck that you'll likely start off with a good one already. With Bruna's ability, however, your tutoring can even end up in the graveyard. I never actually tested to see how broken the two cards are that I'm gonna talk about next: Contingency plan, for 2 mana, can get at maximum 5 enchantments onto Bruna when she attacks! That's insane! Yeah you might whiff but who cares the chance of that happening are pretty low. I actually used it in game for the first time and hit 3 auras, one that gave it protection, one that let me scry, and then Corrupted Conscience (the one that gives infect). The last card I would like to bring up is by far my personal favorite and probably best card in this deck: Mirror-Mad Phantasm. 5 to cast, pay 2 and shuffle it back in, then dump your library until you get it back, and then put it right back on the battlefield?! No wonder it's only a 70 cent mythic! But guess what? It ROCKS in this deck! I dropped over 10 auras into my graveyard AT ONCE and guess what? They ALL got put on Bruna. INSANE combo these two are.

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