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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Wombwounder 3/2/2021
Tibalt/Valki Deck VeXz86753 3/2/2021
Tibalt Deck Discard and Mill VeXz86753 3/2/2021
Tibalt Deck VeXz86753 3/2/2021
loki funtimes Senbonshaman 3/2/2021
Atraxa cmacloud 3/1/2021
Atraxa cmacloud 3/1/2021
Atraxa cmacloud 3/1/2021
Golgari Elves Reanimate subtheme Ardipithicus 3/1/2021
Matt's Lathiel, the bounteous Dawn deck Affinity For Commander 3/1/2021
Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain Chaos/Control Commander Deck List SwaggyWaggy 3/1/2021
Sarulf-Hungry-Doggo Uncommon Commander 3/1/2021
daretti pijeon 2/28/2021
Neheb TheEndSnake 2/28/2021
Koma's Coil Betelguese90 2/28/2021
Blue Green Red Animar EDH MightyGauntlet2 2/28/2021
Omnath, Locus of Mana ChickenBud 2/27/2021
naruto ryloth 2/27/2021
Ouch Oof My Bones Captain Summer 2/27/2021
S08E02 - Tasigur Playing With Power MTG 2/26/2021
S08E02 - Heliod Playing With Power MTG 2/26/2021
S08E02 - Kess Playing With Power MTG 2/26/2021
S08E02 - Tymna / Thrasios Playing With Power MTG 2/26/2021
Narset Bouv10 2/26/2021
Charix Land Sacrifice Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Maya Rise of the Forest Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Blim's Comedy Hour Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Obeka Punching with the Past Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Yurlok Bad Barney Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Bell Borca Exile Matters Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Archangel Avacyn The Purifier Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Radiant And Esior Two-Shot Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Vorinclex Jerk EDH Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Fynn Poisonous PDH Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
We Are All Orvar Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Birgi, Red Storm Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Machine Men Uncommon Commander 2/26/2021
Budget turbo Chulane Desed 2/26/2021
Vex's Queen of the Elven Empire VEX MTG 2/26/2021
MINOTAURS!!! dcstand72 2/26/2021
isle Big D 2/25/2021
Lathril, Blade of the Elves Purploros 2/25/2021
Vex's Go For The Head VEX MTG 2/24/2021
Chulane Chloe Madakai 2/24/2021
Alela Budget Ashbash155 2/24/2021
A Storm is Coming! Bouv10 2/24/2021
A Lonesome Elder Giant i-Sacs1987 2/24/2021
Magda buylist ryloth 2/24/2021
Magda ryloth 2/24/2021
Koma, Cosmos Serpent jolt539 2/24/2021

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