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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Rubinia Control WantedWarlock 2/19/2018
Orzhov Pauper Lifegain EDH Hamroids 2/19/2018
Kess Combo CoolNerdGames 2/18/2018
Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest Commander ShibuinYouFace 2/18/2018
Ur-Dragon DaBeachBall 2/18/2018
Frankenstein Yoru 2/18/2018
Odric EDH Spacehart 2/18/2018
Kaalia of the Vast - Commander - Cast Angels n Demons for free! Jewy 2/18/2018
Daxos the Returned EDH Pnakotic 2/17/2018
Boros Allies Commander Edition RealTristamicus 2/17/2018
Kozilek $20 budget commander Spumanti1985 2/17/2018
Hapatra EDH foreverplayer2 2/17/2018
Professor's Enchantress TheCrispyGremlin 2/16/2018
Nekusar, the mindrazer Alternatively, Bananas 2/16/2018
Rhys - Price check Alternatively, Bananas 2/16/2018
IRL Deck - Commander Wolf-Bot 2/15/2018
Edgar Markov cheap Mr. Fabulous 2/15/2018
Stangg Edhh 2 makniffen 2/15/2018
Skynet Mr. D 2/15/2018
Sharuum Edh makniffen 2/15/2018
Ur Dragon Expensive Kren 2/15/2018
Stangg Edhh makniffen 2/15/2018
Mermaids Mr. Fabulous 2/15/2018
Phoenix's Nature Deck PhoenixSativa 2/14/2018
Ghosts of life and death Mr. Fabulous 2/14/2018
Mayael 75% fun Mr. Fabulous 2/14/2018
Taigam, Ojutai Master EDH Poxnorakill 2/14/2018
Gisa's army foreverplayer2 2/14/2018
Sydri artifax Maxwellthyme 2/14/2018
Markovian Command Mr. Fabulous 2/13/2018
Junk Renimator BouShea8205 2/13/2018
Omnath & Elves EDH TreeTroll 2/13/2018
Casual Tasigur Crimson 2/13/2018
A Pirates Life For...Me? Sonofcoal 2/13/2018
Hear Me Roar! TheCapt.JT 2/13/2018
Glissa, the Traitor (EDH) Affinity Hater 2/13/2018
EDH - Azor iR8Roont 2/12/2018
Butter Knife Ceridis 2/12/2018
oloro ransom 2/12/2018
Glissa, the Traitor (EDH) Affinity Hater 2/12/2018
Omnath Stompy adamcordova 2/12/2018
Gisela DaBeachBall 2/12/2018
Group Hug {EDH} SithDragon33 2/12/2018
Golgari Pauper +1/+1 EDH Hamroids 2/12/2018
Simic Pauper Card-Draw EDH Hamroids 2/12/2018
Azorius Pauper Heroic EDH Hamroids 2/12/2018
Zedruu Anarchy Hamroids 2/12/2018
Aurelia EDH call_me_ding 2/12/2018
Glissa, the Traitor (EDH) Affinity Hater 2/11/2018
Kolaghan's Dashers clack 2/11/2018
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