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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Its Ya Boi Uril Havoccultist 11/3/2017
Atraxa Infectfriends r4g3xp 11/2/2017
Lions and Tigers and Swords Linkwithasword 11/2/2017
Shauku Control and Destroy Birliss 11/2/2017
Commander challange BowmantheSlayer 11/2/2017
Gitrog Monster Budgetish darthsabinus 11/1/2017
brago2 psnlspaceinvader 11/1/2017
BRago psnlspaceinvader 11/1/2017
locust God EDH Syndra 10/31/2017
Beepboop5 Wizard Of The Boast 10/31/2017
Group hug edh Goderaftw 10/31/2017
Mikaeus EDH Combo CoolNerdGames 10/31/2017
Ludevic Ravos Jesskeez 10/31/2017
Creepy Crawlies Bruce Richard 10/31/2017
Jenara Bant birch 10/31/2017
Inalla Archmage Ritualist EDH semi-comp Killerbeastsnipe 10/31/2017
Werewolves EDH Version 0.1 Khazius 10/31/2017
Slivers Justinbacon 10/31/2017
Hungry Hungry Vampire Jesskeez 10/30/2017
Akroma, Angel of Fury shelby 10/29/2017
Inhala Commander (2017) modified Killerbeastsnipe 10/29/2017
Simic Big and Unblockable... Its pretty awesome #G1bby# 10/29/2017
part of the ship part of the crew Jesskeez 10/29/2017
Gisa and Geralf Commander Killerbeastsnipe 10/28/2017
Yahenni, Undying Partisan EDH Havoccultist 10/27/2017
AHUUUU Mezcalitto 10/27/2017
Borborygmos EDH Budget Hodor 10/27/2017
Rubinia Soulsinger EDH Goswimalap 10/26/2017
Gisa and Geralf Commander Killerbeastsnipe 10/26/2017
EDH Atraxa Seffen 10/25/2017
Angel infect Kyriann 10/25/2017
Kaseto's Snakes for Meghan Rudolfacus 10/25/2017
Final cut Slither Wizard Of The Boast 10/25/2017
Riku rlueth97 10/25/2017
Playing for the Flip! Bruce Richard 10/24/2017
Red Dragons Shenanigans d_cloud_b 10/24/2017
Rainbow Allies of Zendikar SithDragon33 10/24/2017
Grenzo Chaos - EDHREC Avg. Baryshnikov 10/23/2017
Olivia EDH Menious 10/22/2017
UW Control Tsukiyomi 10/22/2017
eldrazi shelby 10/22/2017
Rakdos, Lord of Eldrazi Galdrek 10/21/2017
Licia v1 Pluvian 10/21/2017
Licia, Sanguine Tribune GrandMageVivi 10/21/2017
The Land Before Time The_Imago 10/21/2017
Dr. Strangelove Pluvian 10/21/2017
Blade's Worst Nightmare xEpy0n 10/21/2017
B Zaizel 10/21/2017
Anafenza Abzan {EDH} SithDragon33 10/21/2017
Marchesa Diplomat of Bolas Hellbender11 10/20/2017
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