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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
HOG smash face DNFVarac 11/30/2017
Eternal Bargain TheGodDragon 11/30/2017
Depala and the Many Dwarves Richard Rustles 11/29/2017
Balan Voltron OhNinjaPlease 11/29/2017
Fun Guy EDH Gregory DiTomasso 11/29/2017
Teferi Super-Stacks Gregory DiTomasso 11/29/2017
Uril Stalks Misty clack 11/29/2017
Big Butt for free Bonin 11/28/2017
Kynaios and Tiro Creatures TynLiob 11/28/2017
Sliver Overlord Combo TynLiob 11/28/2017
Nicol Bolas, Pirate God Coraith2010 11/28/2017
Wooju's E-Girl Super Kawaii Commander Deck (v2.1) (Budget) darcartisan 11/27/2017
4 color nekusar Jesskeez 11/27/2017
Simic {EDH} SithDragon33 11/27/2017
Locust God Mill Ceridis 11/26/2017
Atraxa Abzan {EDH} SithDragon33 11/26/2017
Talk Dirty To Me Nolifeking666 11/25/2017
Chaos Control Nolifeking666 11/25/2017
Yidris EDH Lohdang55 11/23/2017
Budget Krenko EDH lets 11/23/2017
From Russia with Love Kortai20 11/22/2017
Pia Kiran 1.0 veddy 11/22/2017
Inalla Archmage Ritualist Sabrina Stark 11/21/2017
uhhh Swag Sea 11/20/2017
EUHHH Swag Sea 11/20/2017
Temmet arcaneforest 11/20/2017
Dragons! Thatjeepguy 11/20/2017
dream tymaret edh TheGuyWhpDoes12 11/19/2017
Neheb, the Eternal EDH TuxedoJackson 11/19/2017
BW Drain TuxedoJackson 11/19/2017
Rashmi EDH TuxedoJackson 11/19/2017
Jurassic Park userjack6880 11/19/2017
Life and Death userjack6880 11/19/2017
Titania, Protector of Argoth TuxedoJackson 11/19/2017
Sultai Control #G1bby# 11/19/2017
Locust God Draw Burn Northish 11/18/2017
Rhys the Redeemed by Sylph Sylph 11/18/2017
Talrend Nunari1338 11/18/2017
EDH Artifacts lljokeresll 11/17/2017
EDH Sidisi lljokeresll 11/17/2017
RG EDH lljokeresll 11/17/2017
Izzet EDH lljokeresll 11/17/2017
EDH Golgari lljokeresll 11/17/2017
Kytheon's Weenies ArchSageAthos 11/17/2017
Breya's Dauntless Machines LatNim 11/16/2017
Neheb, the eternal damage r4g3xp 11/16/2017
Breed Lethality topyrdsvy 11/16/2017
Xenagos Wolf Pack Millon 11/16/2017
Jarad, Golgari Rat Lord Alchemic Tumor 11/16/2017
Chaos crash_test 11/15/2017
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