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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Omnath, Locus of Mana EDH Gilly 11/15/2017
Well...There It Is Tortoise Power 11/14/2017
Control the Leylines Tortoise Power 11/14/2017
AWW Ratss Tinydragoneatyourcat 11/13/2017
Ephara God of Draw Engines Not_Jake 11/13/2017
Chair Boy Sabrina Stark 11/13/2017
First Ever Deck: Taigam is a Cold Biotch SuedeDaddy 11/12/2017
ENERGIZE!!! Taco Master 11/12/2017
Kruphi Hug Commander BaconHawk 11/12/2017
Snakes & Spirits 2 Amoebamantis 11/11/2017
Spirited Away Jesskeez 11/11/2017
mill Jesskeez 11/11/2017
Kaalia Syndra 11/11/2017
Omnath, Locus of Elementals NeverGetTheSucc 11/10/2017
Play everything crash_test 11/9/2017
Play everything crash_test 11/9/2017
Thunder Struck Fallen82Angel 11/9/2017
Live Forever! Taco Master 11/9/2017
Oloro Group Hug EDH call_me_ding 11/9/2017
Mono Green Elf Beatdown gerald1341 11/8/2017
I Literally Have No Clue What I'm Going To Do Taco Master 11/8/2017
Saporling Evasion gerald1341 11/8/2017
Mishra EDH AragronXXXII 11/8/2017
Grixis-Kess Timmy B 11/8/2017
Commander- Immortal Bloodlines Kenjutsu763 11/8/2017
Commander- Duel Tribal Challenge- Kermit the Horror Kenjutsu763 11/8/2017
Snakes & Spirits Amoebamantis 11/8/2017
gng zombie edh Lagsalot 11/8/2017
Gisa and Geralf EDH ThatTableGuy 11/7/2017
Ludvick ravos cheaper Jesskeez 11/7/2017
Yahenni RubixQueb 11/7/2017
Commander- Tribal Challenge- Berserkers Kenjutsu763 11/7/2017
Omnath EDH Jayveestiln 11/7/2017
Blue Artifacts EDH Jayveestiln 11/7/2017
Mono-White Soldier EDH Jayveestiln 11/7/2017
Yidris Creatue Aggro Jayveestiln 11/7/2017
Karametra Mana Ramp Jayveestiln 11/7/2017
Krenko's Goblins EDH Havoccultist 11/6/2017
Silas and Sidar SpamerJamr 11/6/2017
Taigam's Undead Men Morningman 11/6/2017
Oloro Commander - Multiplayer - v2.5 Abysse 11/6/2017
Anything you can do Blue can do better Nolifeking666 11/6/2017
cheap elves Langebrin 11/5/2017
storm of artifice andreas of albia 11/5/2017
Basin of Rot andreas of albia 11/5/2017
Holy Order of Seagate andreas of albia 11/5/2017
Tasigur EDH DBC 11/4/2017
The Mimeoplasm Taco Master 11/4/2017
Athreos God of taxes r4g3xp 11/3/2017
Karador sobras xD r4g3xp 11/3/2017
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