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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Selenia KM alakhurd 9/18/2017
Taigam Control NoirCroix 9/18/2017
Abzan Enchantments Tanner Cruse 9/18/2017
Bolas TuxedoJackson 9/17/2017
Krenko, Mob Boss Pig_r_life 9/17/2017
Ya Myojin Meh Crazy! Taco Master 9/17/2017
Atraxa EDH call_me_ding 9/17/2017
Rats crash_test 9/16/2017
doomsday Combo Pig_r_life 9/16/2017
Kaalia Aggro EDH EpicSchafer 9/15/2017
Dromar Control Taco Master 9/14/2017
Niferious Narset Mr x 9/14/2017
so good BABYDENTUREZ 9/14/2017
Prosh Bushido 9/14/2017
Gitrog Monster therealaudiox 9/14/2017
Teferi Stax therealaudiox 9/14/2017
sram Shyguygoombarevenge 9/14/2017
Group Hug EDH Tanner Cruse 9/13/2017
Sisay Ender of Magic Xander_Staxman 9/12/2017
Soldiers of the Empire Tortoise Power 9/12/2017
Goat Giver roguei4ihire 9/11/2017
Paelstrom Hug Alan G 9/11/2017
Sidisi EDH EpicSchafer 9/11/2017
Meren Commander tgsc208 9/11/2017
Elemental BenV62 9/11/2017
Jace, Vryn's Commander AggroPlayer0601 9/10/2017
Blink 182 Barrydope 9/10/2017
Gerrard Capashen Whitezero 9/10/2017
Selvala, Heart of the Wilds davev 9/10/2017
Mono Black Demons Brobarington 9/10/2017
Heartless MEanstuff TrashBoat 9/9/2017
Rashmi EDH TuxedoJackson 9/9/2017
Titania, Protector of Argoth TuxedoJackson 9/9/2017
Zur Enchant Python Ron 9/8/2017
intet the nightmare pking33jr 9/7/2017
Depala and the Dwarves HowieLongRU 9/7/2017
Mirri Stax Millon 9/7/2017
Cat Tribal Millon 9/7/2017
Vampiric Bloodlust (Custom) HugoCrash 9/7/2017
Krenzo, Goblin Commander Olenoname 9/6/2017
nekusar, the mindrazer RaionCurae 9/6/2017
Hazezon Tamar Bushido 9/5/2017
Neheb Burn Brobarington 9/5/2017
omnath more mana Dakyren 9/5/2017
Memnarch, the Boogeyman eric z7155 9/5/2017
Atraxa, I'd tap that! eric z7155 9/5/2017
Wrexial EDH call_me_ding 9/4/2017
Oceanic Might Ophei 9/4/2017
The Markov Concoction Pluvian 9/4/2017
EDH - Breya iR8Roont 9/3/2017

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