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Elven Wolf Run

by J.B. Shober

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Theros Beyond Death
Last Modified On: 3/19/2020
Market Median Low
$465.36 $262.43

Maindeck 99

Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.67


This deck offers a ton of different win strategies. There are different synergies that can all play off each other or themselves when you can't pull others. You have elf's working with each other while also offering wolf playing dynamics and mechanics. Then there is your commander which if you can keep him out is going to be a problem each time you generate wolves. There are some aura's/equipment to keep him alive with hexproof and indestructible so you can keep generating life and fighting away with your wolves. Then if you have Wren's Run Packmaster out giving your wolves deathtouch each time they fight they can deal lethal damage. There is life gain, mana ramp, and mana ramp game altering spells like Genesis Wave. There are also great utility cards that are sure to create mayhem or outright win you the game when dropped such as Ghalta Primal Hunger, Master of the Wild Hunt, and a game ending Felidar Sovereign if you can keep your life total at 40 at the beginning of your upkeep or using Yeva, Nature's Hearld flashing in Felidar at the end of your opponents turn is a tricky surprise. Check out the sideboard for some other viable elf options to swap out if you like something better on the list instead.

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