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Commander- Tribal Challenge- Berserkers

by Kenjutsu763

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Ixalan
Last Modified On: 11/7/2017
Market Median Low
$380.20 $401.38 $289.63

Maindeck 99

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Average CMC: 3.12


Local group is having a deckbuilding challenge. I was given two options for my tribe, kithkin or berserkers. I went with berserkers. Rules: 1. Tribe selected at random depending on category* selection. 2. Standard banned list from http://www.mtgcommander.net/rules.php 3. Additional banned cards = any cards that focus on creature types negatively plus the following. • Coat of Arms • An-Zerrin Ruins • Engineered Plague • Tsabo’s Decree • Belbe’s Portal • Call to the Kindred • Circle of Solace • Cover of Darkness • Descendants' Path • Door of Destinies • Endemic Plague • Extinction • Peer Pressure • Shared Animosity • Steely Resolve • Tribal Unity • Urza’s Incubator 4. Minimum # of tribal members (creatures) in each deck must be 33 including General. 5. Non-tribal cards that put tokens into play must follow the tribe. Example, if you are running rat tribal you could not play a card that put spirit tokens into play, but if a rat put bat tokens into play that would be acceptable. Cards that put multiple tokens into play that are of different types are allowable as long as the deck is one of those types, and it will only put the token(s) of the tribe you are playing into play. 6. These will be multiplayer games 4+ players. 7. Proxies of tribe creatures are ok, $50+ cards cannot be proxied. Proxies must be printed, legible, and sleeved. 8. When an Instant, Sorcery, or Enchantment refers to tribal affiliation it can only be used in the corresponding tribe. Example Bitterblossom, Tribal Enchantment – Faerie, this card can only be played in a Faerie tribal deck. 9. Once you are assigned your Tribe it is yours. No trading of tribes. 10. Banned tribes: a. Human b. Wizard c. Zombie d. Goblin e. Elf f. Merfolk g. Vampire h. Sliver 11. If your chosen tribe shares a banned creature type you MAY used that creature. or less creatures available so you can choose and let me know.
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