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Zedruu, The Headache (EDH deck by Nam)

by Lukerson59

blue commander edh nam red white
Format: Commander
Latest Set: Aether Revolt
Last Modified On: 2/16/2017
Market Median Low
$259.77 $298.46 $158.39
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.85


General Deck Piloting Tips: - Give out as many things as possible that provide global effects to others to immediately start taking benefit of life and card draws each turn. - Use the global attack deterrents to insulate yourself from attacks; there is almost no point removal (just Oblation) to deal with the few issues you'll have so use your global effects wisely - Don't make early enemies, try and remain neutral for as long as possible, until you need to answer an imminent threat. Diplomacy is necessary for this deck. - Give away the Illusions of Grandeur or Delusions of Mediocrity to problematic players (or to play hot potato if they other players can manage). Advanced Strategies: - Use the few searching cards for situational answers, as there are enough enchantments and artifacts to solve most general issues. - Control the pace of the game; example, speed up the game using cards like Mana Flare and Howling Mine; whereas slowing down the game will use cards like Kismet or Possessed Portal - Timing is key for large swing cards like Reins of Power and Insurrection; too early and it is ineffective, too late and someone else has cleared the board already. Headache: - Remember all your triggers and prevented triggers. Cards like Hive Mind and Torpor Orb will affect other players' plays, so ensure that your card effects are being observed correctly. Once you have more than one or two global effects on the table, you everyone else will have trouble remembering everything.

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