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Either Doran or Colfenor may command, but I think that Doran is a bit stronger, not to mention faster. The power level of this deck is intentionally limited by my insistence that ALL creatures herein MUST be treefolk, though the deck does produce other creatures as tokens - saprolings, squirrels, soldiers (though there is nothing to say that these soldiers aren't treefolk {!} and indeed my custom tokens that I've made do depict them as such), and possibly a pest if Containment Breach is chosen off of Gnarled Professor's Learn (I'm using a sideboard). Further, I allow no artifacts in the deck. This imposes some limitations, but does support my theme and also has the side benefit of making Creeping Corrosion a one-sided sweeper in every instance unless I have unsacrificed food tokens on the board. I'm gradually replacing noncreature spells with treefolk, as I find suitable ones, the better to take advantage of Heartwood Storyteller, Sapling of Colfenor, Genesis Wave (which is particularly fun when it goes off for a million mana), and Basic Conjuration. Notes Regarding the Sideboard: The old optional rule allowing a 10-card sideboard is in effect for this deck. This isn't for the purpose of increasing the power level of the deck, per se, but rather for adding some versatility for Gnarled Professor - Expanded Anatomy allows multiple uses of Woodfall Primus, since the +1/+1 counters will cancel out the -1/-1 counters that he gains from Persist. (This is also the primary purpose for Tuinvale Treefolk and Llanowar Reborn in the maindeck.) Environmental Sciences allows a basic land of a necessary colour to be found, if needed, or else adds a Forest for creatures whose power or toughness are tied to the number of Forests controlled. Intoduction to Prophecy can provided a needed bit of card selection at a key moment, finding an answer, or setting up a top-of-deck trigger (Sapling of Colfenor). Introduction to Annihilation and Containment Breach are versatile answers to problem permanents. Basic Conjuration's use is likely obvious, and, perhaps, superfluous in this deck, but I've put it in here just in case! This deck is becoming fairly tight overall, in terms of interactions and is, in my opinion, quite fun to play, which I say as someone who normally has a hard time playing non-blue.
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