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Kokusho Commander

by McNuggetz

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Kaldheim
Last Modified On: 4/13/2021
Market Median Low
$1,908.34 $1,588.35 $1,712.28
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.71


Similar to a Purphoros deck, your whole goal is to drain all opponents at the same time while netting life value off that drain. Kokusho's on death trigger allows games to turn one sided in your favor rather quickly and with all the pay life effects that black provides you'll be able to do virtually anything you like for minimal consequence. There's so much value to be had here. From the reanimation to the combos in this deck the win conditions are literally everywhere, there's "infinite combos" in the deck for reanimation, removal, and kill potential. Also, plenty of board hate such as board wipe and single target removal, tutors, draw, etc. So getting grave hate doesn't mean you necessarily lose with this beauty of a deck. ^_- Lastly, it may seem counter-intuitive or counter-productive to run meteor golem, but mono black to my knowledge has minimal, if anything, for artifact or enchantment removal so it exists in this deck specifically for that reason. Plus, with reanimation being something you can abuse, meteor golem becomes a value powerhouse for enchantment and artifact removal. (I removed scour from existence, but it serves the same purpose, with zero abuse potential, that meteor golem serves). Hope you enjoy many interesting games with Lady Kokusho and may the games only be draining for your opponents.

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