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OG Heliod Commander

by McNuggetz

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Kaldheim
Last Modified On: 4/13/2021
Market Median Low
$1,383.46 $1,660.90 $1,012.52
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Average CMC: 3.16


A slow and methodical combo deck, I found a version of this online that someone in my area had played and posted, took it and swapped some of my personal favorites and new "MUST HAVE" cards into the deck in the hopes that the effects would be more beneficial. Especially since mono white has been in desperate need of love for quite some time. This deck requires a lot of patience, cunning, and abuse of your resources to get maximum value. You won't win every match, but you'll be the nuisance nobody expected. Combo: *For less obscene (but highly synergistic with the deck) sac outlets, try Fanatical Devotion, Martyr's Cause, and Claws of Gix.* *Infinite colorless mana is incredibly useful to have access to, and Infinite White mana is ran through Heliod for infinite Cleric tokens.* Sun Titan + Fiend Hunter + Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar/Blasting Station = Infinite Colorless/White Mana/Damage. Sun Titan + Gift of Immortality + Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar/Blasting Station = Infinite Colorless/White Mana/Damage. Sun Titan + Angelic Renewal + Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar/Blasting Station = Infinite Colorless/White Mana/Damage. Sun Titan + Angelic Renewal/Gift of Immortality + Sac outlet + Skybind = Infinite flickering of any non enchantment permanent. GG. Karmic Guide + Fiend Hunter +Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar/Blasting Station = Infinite Colorless/White Mana/Damage. Karmic Guide + Reveillark + Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar/Blasting Station = Infinite Colorless/White Mana/Damage + Infinite Recursion of any other power 2 or less creature, for example Solemn Simulacrum/Wall of Omens/Duplicant. The Yosei Lock: Yosei, the Morning Star + Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar/Blasting Station + Gift of Immortality/Nim Deathmantle. With this set up you can sacrifice Yosei during each players turn (typically during their end step) and lock down a player/table. (You can abuse any creature in the deck with this setup, not just Yosei). But Yosei seals the deal. High Market/Miren, the Moaning Well will give a similar effect, but only during the turn that Yosei is sacrificed. Emeria, the Sky Ruin fits, but has less abuse potential. The Skybind Engine: Heliod, God of the Sun + Skybind. For 2WW produce a Cleric Enchantment token and you can flicker at instant speed any non-enchantment permanent on the field until the beginning of the next end step. It get's really effective with the more mana you have, being able to flicker out multiple permanents at will. A few ways to abuse this combo..... Permanents: Save your/opponents permanents from spot/mass removal or targeting effects. Political uses abound. Creatures: Get repeated use out your CIP/LTB creatures every turn, remove attackers/blockers, remove annoying creatures. Combat tricks. Equipment: Remove an equipped creature (equipment falls off), or a creature that is attempting to get equipped, or just the equipment itself. Auras: Skybind a creature that has an aura on it (The aura goes to the graveyard). Counters: Skybind any creature/artifact/land that has counters on it and the counters go away or get reset. Planeswalkers: Reset any Planeswalker about to hit their ultimate, back to original loyalty. Artifacts: Skybind any artifacts, temporarily removing/reusing their effect. Tokens: Remove any token from game, be it creature token or otherwise. Lands: At Instant speed remove opponents lands, or RESET YOUR OWN LANDS. This is where it can get abusive, resetting your Serra's Sanctum, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Deserted Temple (The lands return to play untapped) during each players turn to make more Clerics, thus Skybinding more permanents,.... at this point the deck should start to exponentially explode, ultimately flickering all your opponents relevant permanents out of play every turn while simultaneously beating in with a massed legion of cleric tokens. Sphere of Safety + Lot's of Cleric Enchantment Creature Tokens and/or Enchantments. Very effective at deterring any aggro from coming your way. Burnished Hart + Gift of Immortality. Amazing land ramp available for MONO WHITE in commander. Gets ALL the plains if left unchecked. Add Emeria Shepherd to this little combo and you can recur all nonland permanents back into play from the graveyard in no time. Emeria Shepherd + Kor Cartographer/Solemn Simulacrum + Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar/Blasting Station. With this setup, the Cartographer can get every basic plains in the deck into play, and the Simulacrum does the same with some impressive additional card draw. Throw Karmic Guide and/or Reveillark into the mix and things can get out of hand. Angel of Serenity/Fiend Hunter + Any sac outlet. If Angel of Serenity/Fiend Hunter leaves the battlefield before its enters-the-battlefield ability has resolved, its leaves-the-battlefield ability will trigger and do nothing. Then the enters-the-battlefield ability will resolve and exile the targeted creatures and/or creature cards indefinitely. Recur these 2 cards for repeated abuse. Crucible of Worlds + Strip Mine, Wasteland, Dust Bowl, Tectonic Edge, and Ghost Quarter. No explanation is needed here. Serra's Sanctum/Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx + Deserted Temple. Simple double usage. Substantial mana boost mid to late game when you have good board presence. The four Anthem Effects in the deck do a lot more than just boost power/toughness. This deck and description were taken and modified from Temujin and his original deck design on https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/commander-edh/multiplayer-commander-decklists/558940-heliod-god-of-the-sun

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