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OG Purphoros Commander

by McNuggetz

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Kaldheim
Last Modified On: 4/13/2021
Market Median Low
$1,315.74 $1,403.89 $920.07
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 2.52


Earn all the hate super quickly with this little gem. This deck can threaten to win around turn 7 consistently. Your whole goal is to play Purphoros, God of the Forge as quickly as possible and then utilize one of the multitudes of combos in this deck to end the game. My two favorite combos are any token generator + Ashnod's Altar + Nim deathmantle OR, the funniest one, Nim Deathmantle + Mana Echoes + Ib, The Halfheart + Burnished Hart. All of these combos utilize abusing Purphoros of course. The first combo simply lets you loop sacrificing a token then the token generator for mana to activate the Nim Deathmantle to revive the token generator and keep it going. You can also use Phyrexian Altar if you have Siege Gang Commander. This combo with the commander will loop damage until you kill each other player. The second combo is odd right? What that combo does is allow you two sacrifice 2 mountains to make to two 1/1 red goblins which net you 6 colorless mana from Mana Echoes, exploding from here of course. At this point you use 3 colorless to sacrifice Burnished Hart and spend 4 colorless to reanimate Burnished Hart with Nim Deathmantle. You still get to search for two basic lands which in mono red are MOUNTAINS. Repeat this process and since you have more and more Goblins in play Mana Echoes explodes your colorless mana gain and you can pull enough basics out of your deck to kill or nearly kill each opponent. If any survived then make swift use of that colorless mana floating to end the game. It's cheeky, but fun imo. This deck is designed to be a mid range combo deck. It obviously combos in some fashion with the commander, but it runs several board clears and other forms of removal to ensure that it won't just get outright walked on because let me be honest, nobody likes seeing Purphoros as their opposing commander. NOTE: METEOR GOLEM IS IN THE DECK BECAUSE MONO RED HAS BASICALLY ZERO WAYS TO DEAL WITH ENCHANTMENTS AND METEOR GOLEM HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE ABUSED FOR MASS REMOVAL

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