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Teysa Wins

by MrH

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Avacyn Restored
Last Modified On: 6/22/2012
Market Median Low
$2,033.08 $1,595.37 $1,641.93
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Average CMC: 3.48


there are a number of combos that can win the game in two cards under different game conditions. generate tokens to control the board, exile when you need to, and swing in to win otherwise. land tax all the basics to your gy and planar birth them back, and if your opponent is playing nb lands, throw in cataclysm beforehand. gravestorm on bitter ordeal if you have a lot of tokens and wipe them with wrath damnation phyrexian alter etc. and just exile their library, or tap 10 for mirror entity with only 5 tokens and swing in for 50. sac the rogue faeries from bitterblossom to attrition destroying their little creaters while creating white creatures with teysa, then sac the whites to teysa to exile their fatties. theyre playing slivers? wipe the board, tutor and cast linvala, then sit back and watch them cry. classy win condition your opponents havent seen? i just added it, not sure how fluid it is: get your life total up with any of the many sorceries in here, mangaras tome, grab celestial convergence and vampire hexmage, for yourself to draw some cards (arena skullclamp). i used to have felidar sovereign in here, i may consider putting him back in. land tax is the best card in the game, dont forget that. i need to add spirit loop, it will just make everything a little more comfortable. ive been considering how to fit nightmare incursion and increasing ambition in. but i figured i would make my incredible deck list available. tons of fun to play as there is a lot to do every turn, and the deck is filled with answers once you really learn how to play it. enjoy.
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