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Treefolk Tribal EDH

by MTGBoi

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Ravnica Allegiance
Last Modified On: 1/21/2019
Market Median Low
$128.69 $67.31
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.64


1x Ambassador Oak 1x Argothian Treefolk 1x Battlewand Oak 1x Black Poplar Shaman 1x Bosk Banneret 1x Canker Abomination 1x Cloudcrown Oak 1x Dauntless Dourbark 1x Deadwood Treefolk 1x Dungrove Elder 1x Ebony Treefolk 1x Everbark Shaman 1x Fendeep Summoner 1x Heartwood Treefolk 1x Leaf-Crowned Elder 1x Lumberknot 1x Oakgnarl Warrior 1x Orchard Warden 1x Seedguide Ash 1x Sheltering Ancient 1x Thorntooth Witch 1x Tilling Treefolk 1x Timber Protector 1x Treefolk Harbinger 1x Treefolk Seedlings 1x Unstoppable Ash 1x Verdeloth the Ancient 1x Weatherseed Treefolk 1x Weed-Pruner Poplar 1x Wickerbough Elder 1x Woodfall Primus 1x Beast Within 1x Cankerous Thirst 1x Go for the Throat 1x Golgari Charm 1x Krosan Grip 1x Putrefy 1x Rending Vines 1x Rootgrapple 1x Ultimate Price 1x Life // Death 1x Mwonvuli Acid-Moss 1x Cover of Darkness 1x Gaea's Touch 1x Gift of the Deity 1x Golgari Germination 1x Hidden Ancients 1x Lignify 1x Living Terrain 1x Necrogenesis 1x Steely Resolve 1x Wild Growth 1x Door of Destinies 1x Golgari Keyrune 1x Golgari Signet 1x Sol Ring 1x Weatherseed Totem 1x Worldslayer 21x Forest 20x Swamp

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