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Sliver Overlord EDH

by munckee

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Theros
Last Modified On: 12/12/2013
Market Median Low
$1,322.66 $1,591.76 $913.60

Command Zone 1

Maindeck 99

Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.22


this is slightlyyy budget since im not using all the old expensive duel lands. and really, unless you already own them, i see no reason to purchase them for a deck like this. the mana is super easy with this set up. youll lose to mana screw the same number of times any other deck would which is just due to the variance in the game really. this deck is fairly strong and extremely fun to play! especially if you grew up playing with all the old sliver like me :) lets check it out: i feel like the most consistent win condition is going infinite with sliver queen + mana echoes. with the fair number of tutor effects in the deck, this is a pretty reasonable and easy goal to attain. you simply need a this turn win-con to take it, which include: -acidic sliver- infinite dmg -necrotic sliver- infinite permanent destruction -heart firewake sliver- haste -darkheart sliver- infinite life -magma sliver- pump unblocked slivers for infinite -mnemonic sliver- not a win-con in itself infinite draw to win-con secondly of course, being a regular aggro deck works very well with this build. sliver overlord into sliver legion often closes out games with an aggressive opening hand. having access to a few really strong spot-removal spells helps achieve wins with the aggro strategy by taking care of opposing bombs. lastly, some games are even won in a very controlling way. there will be draws where you open with control slivers (weak slivers with good defensive abilities). you might start with creatures like hibernation sliver, crypt sliver, and galerider sliver. these allow you to block very well due to regenerate and being able to return them to your hand. following a draw like this into sliver queen is what will allow this draw to win: build defenses and mana while you get sliver overlord to search out necrotic sliver. remaining defensive, spawning tokens with sliver queen, and killing problem permanents with necrotic sliver, is a very solid place to be in the game! you are making people happier than you are making them angry! while they attack each other and you attack nobody really, you help kill bomb permanents that hurt them as well! this game state will usually allow you to win in the end by either drawing into the mana echoes combo or just overwhelming everyone in the end. other big players to note: -genesis wave- casting for 10+ typically kills at least one player -patriarchs bidding- same deal -unnatural selection- essentially gives sliver overlord 4: gain control of target creature. -asceticism- people hate to play against this card! -miraris wake mana reflection- simply allows for some insane turns please comment with any suggestions or questions! thanks for reading, munckee

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