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Skeleton Ship proliferate

by psilonyx

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Gatecrash
Last Modified On: 1/28/2013
Market Median Low
$1,177.52 $1,525.63 $857.65

Command Zone 1

Maindeck 99

Market Median Low




Average CMC: 4.2


this is a u b proliferate deck. i have a focus on -1 -1 counters, with crumbling ashes and blowfly infestation, but am happy to proliferate any counters. there is also a mill side focus. i cut down to only proliferate engines, or draw + proliferate, does anyone have experience with thrummingbird, or other proliferators? seems too weak to me. the general needs islands in play, so i added a lot of evolving wilds type land search. to improve the usefulness of that idea, i added crucible of worlds. since i would therefore be playing a lot of lands, i added some landfall in hedron crab and ob nixilis. ob gets counters which are fun to proliferate, but the crab plays into my second focus. i think i might still have too few basic lands- any advice? i had the vivid lands, as the counters were fun, but i decided to put in more reliable 2 color lands. ill put in a watery grave when i get one once gatecrash ships, and polluted delta and underground sea are out of my price range. i should probably get an underground river. my original idea was to weaken and kill opposing creatures, then steal them with necroskitter, liliana vesss ultimate, grimoire of the dead, ashen powder, etc. i am also considering scion of darkness but it doesnt care about counters and im not sure how strong it is in edh- any advice? however, waiting for my opponent to play something, then i would kill it, then steal it, was too slow so i started looking into mill to get creatures into opponents graveyards faster. there are some cards i have that would strengthen these strategies, such as wasteland + crucible of worlds, and magistrates scepter + proliferate, but my playgroup soft bans taking extra turns and land destruction. maybe 1 razorfin abolisher 1 night dealings 1 sand silos 1 consume the meek 1 rhystic study 1 realmwright 1 magistrates scepter 1 watery grave 1 myojin of seeing winds 1 renegade doppelganger 1 ghost town 1 scion of darkness

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