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Draw and Burn

by sidkah

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Theros
Last Modified On: 1/23/2014
Market Median Low
$1,116.76 $638.64

Maindeck 99

Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.82


-to play the deck- this edh deck is to make all of your opponents doing stuff they really dont wanna do while also drawing tons of cards and losing life in the process. lets look at some of this deck shall we? this deck revolves around nekusar and his two abilities. the first is the howling mine mechanic while the second one makes them lose life for each draw they do. this accompanied by underworld dreams and spiteful visions can make all players draw 3 and losing 3 for each card (you only lose one) can be 9 damage for just that. you also have cards that make all players discard their hand and draw cards (chandra ablaze, wheel of fortune, incendiary command, and dragon mage) which can trigger these damage life loss effects. you also have spells that allows all players to draw cards and with mirari, you can copy these spells to make discarding less fun for all on their endsteps. if tibalt is out and has some loyalty on him, you can -4 him to basically one shot an opponent. his -6 can also steal all creatures and force them to attack. utility and game control: by playing stranglehold, sulfuric vortex, and witch hunt,you can stop combo decks from taking too many turns or gaining too much life. you also have a good bit of creature control with mizzium mortars, volcanic fallout, molten disaster, decree of pain, sudden spoiling, illusionists gambit, and starstorm to deal with pesky aggro decks. remember also that dralnu is your biggest help late game since you are discarding and or casting spells. he can recast you a lil something something for later too!

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