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Fblthp the Harbinger of Death

by Tobyks

card draw mill mono blue
Format: Commander
Latest Set: War of the Spark
Last Modified On: 5/17/2019
Market Median Low
$76.24 $85.21 $45.36
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.26


This is my entry for Commander Quarters' Fblthp Competition. There were a few ideas I was running with; a voltron deck would have definitely met the fun requirements, I also thought of running a Persistent Petitioners deck but thought this would be more enjoyable: This deck focuses on drawing an absolutely ludicrous amount of cards and milling your opponent at the same time. The "Golden Pig" of the deck is Psychic Corrosion, as it lets us capitalise hard on all the card draw. Playing sorceries and drawing cards is all good and fine but I think it's more fun to smash face with some unblockable creatures and get the draw triggers that way. This deck supports that playstyle. You like ETB triggers? This deck has 'em, as well as ways to flicker creatures. The only source of real protection is in the form of counterspells. There was no budget way I could think of to give yourself an unlimited hand size thus you may be discarding a lot of cards, that's why I added Curator of Mysteries, Clear the Mind, Learn From The Past, Psychic Spiral, and a sneaky Laboratory Maniac as a secondary win condition.
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