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Archangel Avacyn The Purifier

by Uncommon Commander

Format: Commander
Latest Set: Zendikar Rising
Last Modified On: 2/26/2021
Market Median Low
$261.32 $159.96

Command Zone 1

Maindeck 99

Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.02


Today's deck tech is an Archangel Avacyn/Avacyn, the Purifier aristocrats / self-sacrifice / voltron hybrid build. Yeah, all three! I'm trying to have my cake and eat it. It’s a little jank, and lots of fun! With this tech we want to use self-sacrificing creatures to flip Avacyn when we're good and ready, and to do that we'll want to be able to do it at instant speed, so we can transform her leading into an opponent's turn or leading into our turn, depending on the situation. This deck is made to cast Archangel Avacyn as a defensive spell, and then, once we're ready for offense, abuse the Avacyn, the Purifier side of the card, doing crazy stuff with her board wipe, and then smashing in as a voltron. This deck is not fully optimized, as I have chosen a few cards purely for flavor, but it does do what it is supposed to do and can win games, even if it doesn't do all of those things as efficiently as it could. This deck can also be easily modified by subbing in flicker cards in place of damage doublers or equipment pieces, if we want to be more actively using Avacyn. My recommendations for that are Eerie Interlude, Ephemerate, Flickerform and Gift of Immortality. If doing that, adding in something like Warstorm Surge could be nice, too.

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