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Jhoira EDH Ultimate Combo Deck

by Unknownblah

artifact edh combo edh
Format: Commander
Latest Set: Ravnica Allegiance
Last Modified On: 3/6/2019
Market Median Low
$152.70 $83.92

Maindeck 99

Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.07


This is my Jhoira EDH deck made to unfriend all your friends in your life. If you have loyal friends even though with this deck you will be hated then amazing for you, cherish them because I have 8-10 Infinite combos crafted into this deck. Combo 1: Infinite tokens Ashnod's altar + Benthicore (Myr Battlesphere) + Nim deathmantle = for either myr tokens or blue merfolk tokens Combo 2: Infinite tokens Tidewater Minion + Myr Turbine + Illusionist's bracers = Infinite Myr tokens Combo 3: Infinite Tokens Clock of omens + Battered Golem + Myr Turbine = Infinite Myr tokens Combo 4: Draw Or Win Con Cowardice + Shuko (activate on ornithopter as response to it entering battlefield then it returns to your hand) + Ornithopter (Phyrexian Walker) = Infinte controllable draw, stop combo anytime. Include Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain and Laboratory Maniac for instant win too. Combo 5: Infinite DAMAGE Aphetto Alchemist + Illusionist's Bracers + Prodigal Sorcerer (Prodigal Pyromancer) = Infinite target-able DMG Combo 6: Infinite DMG Deadeye Navigator + Pandemonium + Cloud of Fairies= Infinite DMG Combo 7: Infinite MILL Altar of the Brood + Deadeye Navigator + Cloud of Fairies = Opponents infinitely mill themselves to death. Combo 8: Infinite Mill Codex Shredder (Grind Clock) + Tidewater Minion (Aphetto Alchemist) + Illusionist's Bracers = Infinite Mill Combo 9: Instant Mill Spell Crumble + Tunnel Vision = Instantly Mill the enemy making them draw till the named bottom card of their library. Overall, This is a deck centered on not Storming off with Aetherflux Reservoir like many typical Jhoira decks, but instead just combo people to death. Hope you still keep your friend group intact just do not play it that often.

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