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Yarok ETB on a Budget

by voshchronos

budget budget edh bug commander edh etb m20 prototype ramp recursion steal sultai value valuetown
Format: Commander
Latest Set: Core Set 2020
Last Modified On: 7/15/2019
Market Median Low
$102.07 $49.71
Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.61


Trying out a Yarok, the Desecrated build on a tight budget of 25 dollars + the price of my boy Yarok. Prices are calculated using TCGPlayer's "market price". I'll consider the price the cards were on the last day I updated the deck. There's some interesting infinite mana combos here, for example with Man-o'-War + Peregrine Drake + Yarok, the Desecrated + five lands, with at least one of them tapping for blue mana. Other than infinite mana, you can also bounce every creature on the board with these crazies. Only problem is we won't get this combo consistently. Maybe I'll find a way to fit some tutors in here later. There's also the insane drawing combo of Risen Reef + Zendikar's Roil . You can even mill yourself with this, lmao. I'll update the deck and this description later as I playtest the deck. This is also my second ever brew, so I'm pretty sure I've made some dumb choices that I'll only realise too late. Update: Version 1.3 (July 10, 2019) Had to cut a lot of great cards because they unfortunately became non-budget (I'm looking at you, Risen Reef!). Trying to make the deck more consistent with some tutors, too. More great bounce cards for them infinite combos, and some more landfall triggers to make everyone except my opponents happy. Also some copying, creature removal and draw here and there.

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