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Esika, and the Lengend of Elves

by WildfyreMusic

casual elf elf ball elf tribal lengendary tribal
Format: Commander
Latest Set: Kaldheim
Last Modified On: 3/18/2021
Market Median Low
$1,373.23 $1,072.97

Maindeck 97

Sideboard 1

Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.42


Esika commands the helm, as you bring together legendary elves from all of elvish history. The only thing better than a mana dork, is a legendary mana dork with vigilance. Using the power of green mana ramp, pump up the elvish army to mythic proportions. Using the power of black tutors, assemble the right team for the right time. Combining all of the colors available - annihilate your opponents! Deck can also generate a decent amount of tokens, but the main focus is to pump up an elf army. The deck also takes advantage of four one sided board wipes. When gold fished, this deck generally wins around turn 8-10. P.S. The Willow Elf if in the sideboard as a joke, I like to use it in place of a token.

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