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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Most recent pauper Ikoria ruesifus 7/1/2020
kalinas cards Hoppin Onefoot 6/30/2020
Green Thrun EDH MightyGauntlet2 6/30/2020
Common Cube GeraldBaldZ 6/27/2020
Licia Test Bovine 6/18/2020
Mandate of Heaven Mr Kreativ 6/14/2020
soul sisters test of endurance Warlock zero 6/8/2020
Ajani Hero of the Pride Cheesy the Puff 5/30/2020
Ajani Hero of the Pride Cheesy the Puff 5/30/2020
Licia, Sanguine Tribune MrPlague 5/26/2020
Oloro life Jayslay444 5/20/2020
Ikra Ishai, The Kearns 5/19/2020
Karlov of the Ghost Council EDH The Kearns 5/19/2020
Fligth of the pegasi Cheesy the Puff 5/5/2020
Double Strike Tribal Magic: the Giraffe 5/3/2020
Monk Tribal Fortunatus 4/22/2020
Life & Death Tree Vardit 4/19/2020
Life & Death Tree Vardit 4/19/2020
Budget Exalted Artorious06 3/30/2020
Exalted (Rafiq of Many) Artorious06 3/30/2020
Fighting with Butts v.1 Nick Prince 3/19/2020
Soldiers(WiP) dDaios 3/19/2020
Bant Aggro Workshop Bagel_ 3/13/2020
The Pauper Cube As of Theros Beyond Death mjrsea 3/12/2020
Usman's Pauper Cube Erpanaut 3/10/2020
Healthy jingo 2/23/2020
Exalted af Ndeavor 2/14/2020
Weaver of tales RBG 2/12/2020
pp cube Poopoopeepee 2/5/2020
The Cat Lady Lurek 1/30/2020
Payge miss Vindictive Vampire, Kaya's Wrath, Ethereal Absolution Penguy14 1/30/2020
Heliod, Sun Crowned | $100 Budget Deck Tech | EDH | Commander | Theros Beyond Death BudgetCommander 1/26/2020
Life Gain Kaderik 1/14/2020
Mono White Life Gain jlet 1/7/2020
Angel Life DLang 12/14/2019
Martin's Oloro, ageless ascetic deck Affinity For Commander 12/11/2019
mono white edh TheFakeWonderz 12/11/2019
Esper Pain Train Hayden 12/2/2019
The House Always Wins TheAmazingGinger 11/27/2019
Cube ZachAttack828 11/10/2019
Oloro Ageless Ascetic EDH Intetra 10/28/2019
Sidar/Shidiqi VoidmageGamer 10/23/2019
Empyrial Archangel Xkrowth 10/3/2019
Start Cube Redux 9.30.19 Luis C 10/1/2019
Odric EDH Koopa 9/7/2019
Abzan Lifegain golgariassassin666 8/6/2019
G/W Lifegain golgariassassin666 8/6/2019
Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire EDH chaos/ graveyard shanagins Billy who likes to have fun 8/5/2019
Life Gain (Casual) Done Aaron 8/2/2019
Trostani Lifegain Tokens Scrub 7/30/2019
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