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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Titania, Protector of Argoth: A Rose By Any Other Name... GrandGuardian 4/9/2017
Karona, False God: Spirit Realm GrandGuardian 4/9/2017
Progenitus (EDH deck by Nam) Lukerson59 4/9/2017
Emissary of Trest PRSkittles 4/9/2017
Professor's Leovold Commander TheCrispyGremlin 4/9/2017
Leovold BurkeG 4/9/2017
Levold Emissary of trest edh #G1bby# 4/8/2017
Emissary of Trest RShield0587 4/8/2017
Pharika EDH Enchantment tribal Salj 4/8/2017
Zur Reanimator Getupkid84 4/8/2017
edu deck Smackskull 4/8/2017
Roguelike carlcory 4/8/2017
Roon ETB TynLiob 4/7/2017
Ghave EDH Budget Krezz 4/7/2017
Zur Reanimator Getupkid1284 4/7/2017
Cats Sylvan 4/7/2017
Yahenni, Undying Partisan EDH Parker1298 4/6/2017
Erebos, God of the Dead RowanLaurel 4/4/2017
Khemba RowanLaurel 4/4/2017
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind RowanLaurel 4/4/2017
Ruric Thar Jonjey 4/4/2017
Vorel of the Hull Clade RowanLaurel 4/4/2017
Savra, Queen of the Golgari RowanLaurel 4/4/2017
Braids EDH RowanLaurel 4/4/2017
Uril Yangoose 4/4/2017
Mind Seize Edited carlcory 4/4/2017
Brion Stoutarm: Fastball Special GrandGuardian 4/4/2017
Dralnu LHSpud22 4/3/2017
Dralnu LHSpud22 4/3/2017
Dralnu LHSpud22 4/3/2017
Thraximundar Copy Cat Sac danssquad 4/2/2017
Grand arbiter Commander GoodGuyDad 4/2/2017
dream edh TheGuyWhoDoes 4/2/2017
dream edh TheGuyWhoDoes 4/2/2017
dream edh TheGuyWhoDoes 4/2/2017
Fight for me Panface231 4/1/2017
Kemba, Kha Regent Millon 4/1/2017
There be Dragons Pluvian 4/1/2017
Grenzo The Phenom 4/1/2017
Molimo We Go! Pluvian 3/31/2017
Selenia, Angel of Rath Pluvian 3/31/2017
Szadek, Lord of Secrets nekusar 3/31/2017
Nekusar (COM) nekusar 3/31/2017
Sliver Overlord EDH Twumpty 3/31/2017
Muzzio EDH HanSolo 3/31/2017
Kraj kadeski 3/31/2017
animar, soul of stompy stomp bananaf4p 3/30/2017
Edgar Allan Poe PhoenixBFP 3/29/2017
Sidisi, Pearl Harbor This is a safe nickname 3/29/2017
Animar, Soul of Elements AkGrimmreaper907 3/29/2017

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