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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Breya EDH Kilroy is Jace 2/28/2017
Temur Commander TheCrispyGremlin 2/27/2017
Yahenni bomj snap 2/27/2017
Hogwarts MagicShroomD 2/26/2017
Commander Discard Janglebelly 2/25/2017
Horobi, Death's Wail: Everything Dies GrandGuardian 2/25/2017
Dragons - EDH Syndra 2/23/2017
Mind Seize carlcory 2/23/2017
Kynaios and Tiro Going Full Ham HRArhelger 2/22/2017
Five Color Planeswalkers LeoPrime79 2/21/2017
Kalemne's Gear Check Kaminosai2 2/21/2017
Surrak and his Amazing Friends Kaminosai2 2/21/2017
Grimgrin, Thriller-Born Kaminosai2 2/21/2017
Karador, Ghost Tutor Kaminosai2 2/21/2017
Mime O'plasm Kaminosai2 2/21/2017
Sidisi Zoombie TrustFundDavid 2/20/2017
Idiot's First EDH Deck TrustFundDavid 2/20/2017
hazezon commander AtomicEra 2/20/2017
Saskia EDH Matty J 2/19/2017
boros edh part 2 TheGuyWhoDoes 2/19/2017
Sygg Merfolk Tribal EDH ($150 Budget) DrRuler34 2/19/2017
Child of Alara Lands Radiant 2/18/2017
Zurgo EDH cduncsn 2/18/2017
Selesnya Commander TheCrispyGremlin 2/16/2017
Naya Commander TheCrispyGremlin 2/16/2017
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV (EDH deck by Nam) Lukerson59 2/16/2017
Zedruu, The Headache (EDH deck by Nam) Lukerson59 2/16/2017
Wort, the Destructor (EDH deck by Nam) Lukerson59 2/16/2017
Accursed Damia magg28 2/16/2017
RW Myr EDH mxzf42 2/15/2017
Commander 2014 - Forged in Stone Demonix182 2/15/2017
Sigarda EDH syntheticapriori 2/14/2017
Golgari Spider Tribal HaHaHut 2/14/2017
Planeswalker Deck Commander Bruce Richard 2/14/2017
Rafiq EDH syntheticapriori 2/14/2017
Budget EDH puzzlinggamer 2/13/2017
Commander 2015 TheGuyWhoDoes 2/13/2017
Nekusar, the Mind Sculptor TMS Wedge 2/13/2017
Ball Cryllor 2/13/2017
96 Steve117 2/12/2017
Alesha, Who Smiles at Death Tolarian Community College 2/12/2017
Yulfy's Test Game Yulfy 2/12/2017
Surrak Unblockable schlaackmusic 2/12/2017
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Eatto the cheeto 2/11/2017
frosio Mads 2/11/2017
Slivers steadylynx 2/11/2017
Daretti EDH steadylynx 2/10/2017
Mayhem Spork99 2/10/2017
Stone Hug PolarPack 2/9/2017
Lala 5 MrJasonACas 2/9/2017

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