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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Death's Domain TheDarklingGlory 9/19/2017
UW eldrazi hatebears flankmecaptains 9/15/2017
Jeskai Tempo agrayibra 9/13/2017
GR Tooth and Tron DuCockus 9/4/2017
U Tron Mastermind250 8/28/2017
Lantern of Insight Sad Panda 187 8/27/2017
UTron JDx87 8/24/2017
B/W 8Rack JDx87 8/24/2017
Eisler Seisler20148 8/19/2017
Soulfire Burn Sporter 8/18/2017
Tempered Steel Ninjaman74 8/15/2017
B/W Servomendahl AjaniproliferInfect koopakappa 8/13/2017
Bant Spirits JDx87 8/11/2017
Temur Delver Colin M. 8/11/2017
Ashiok Exile Bratimus 8/8/2017
modern eldrazi titan mtn281 8/8/2017
Enchantress lagerbrewerhead 8/7/2017
zwambay yababydaddy 8/4/2017
Zombie Cars Skylar 7/31/2017
Assault Bridge Mustache Jimmy 7/26/2017
r/u/w cawblade Bob Frank 7/24/2017
Abzan Midrange RoboCop88 7/23/2017
White/Green Sliver Horde SonOfEmrakul 7/18/2017
Jeskai Thopter/Sword Ver. 5 LatNim 7/17/2017
Jeskai Thopter/Sword Ver. 4 LatNim 7/17/2017
Colorless Artifact Modern Version 1 AshevegasJon 7/17/2017
Bant Spirits Orangeman3 7/17/2017
DRAW ^60 slim 7/16/2017
Living End Gabe1282 7/16/2017
Rubblebelt Raiders RazorX_83 7/16/2017
Bogled Enchantments (Budget) lets 7/15/2017
Budget Modern Allies Krispy Krieg 7/14/2017
Aristocats Bex lecter 7/13/2017
Ulamog Exile v1 HoaxerWarnsMil 7/13/2017
UB Tommyriddles 7/13/2017
Black Aggro Sousuke150 7/13/2017
Possible_2 HoaxerWarnsMil 7/12/2017
Possible_1 HoaxerWarnsMil 7/12/2017
mill v2 Mailce 7/12/2017
VENGEANCE shiwei87RonTan 7/12/2017
Colorless Artifact Modern Lite Version 1 AshevegasJon 7/12/2017
+1/+1 FTW Sousuke150 7/12/2017
4 Color Death's Shadow stilldrunk 7/12/2017
Jeskai Control ibelievable MTGO Competitive Modern League: 7/10-7/16 7/11/2017
Grixis Death's Shadow Yeezus MTGO Competitive Modern League: 7/10-7/16 7/11/2017
Living End GlauberT MTGO Competitive Modern League: 7/10-7/16 7/11/2017
Affinity Patxi MTGO Competitive Modern League: 7/10-7/16 7/11/2017
Mardu Burn aytor_92 MTGO Competitive Modern League: 7/10-7/16 7/11/2017
R/G Breach Cran1987 MTGO Competitive Modern League: 7/10-7/16 7/11/2017
W/B Smallpox IxidorsDreams MTGO Competitive Modern League: 7/10-7/16 7/11/2017
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