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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Spirit Spirit Mind Blast 9/28/2020
Izzet Through the Breach Evaros_TTV 9/28/2020
Sultai Field Evaros_TTV 9/27/2020
UW Control Evaros_TTV 9/27/2020
Breach Evaros_TTV 9/27/2020
Jeskai Wildfire Evaros_TTV 9/27/2020
Green Counters TimeTraveler1990 9/26/2020
UW Yorion Donation List Evaros_TTV 9/25/2020
Modern: Aspiring Spike Jeskai Control FluffyWolf 9/25/2020
Modern: RW Lockout - Zendikar Anti Mill FluffyWolf 9/25/2020
Mono White Cat Aggro bobxll 9/25/2020
Mono White Life Gain bobxll 9/25/2020
Nahiri Colossus Hammer Meryn 9/25/2020
Mono-Green 1+1+1=7 WeirdFrisbee 9/25/2020
THE CANNON Evaros_TTV 9/24/2020
Five-Color Horde Solitary Soul 9/24/2020
Naya zoo bush~Consistent I Draw a card 9/24/2020
Humans FluffyCyanide 9/24/2020
Modern: Red Rack Skelemental Kroxa Zendikar FluffyWolf 9/23/2020
Naya Landfall Scapeshift Aggro Meryn 9/23/2020
UW Control Evaros_TTV 9/23/2020
Modern: Green Devotion - Post Zendikar FluffyWolf 9/22/2020
Life Monopoly Solitary Soul 9/22/2020
Might of the Forest Solitary Soul 9/22/2020
Atarka's Reign Solitary Soul 9/22/2020
Green, Black deathtouch deckcards $0.25 or less bobxll 9/22/2020
Rakdos Skyclave Shadow Burn Meryn 9/21/2020
Emeria Soul Sisters Meryn 9/21/2020
Abzan Grakmaw Scales Meryn 9/21/2020
Abzan Grakmaw Scales Meryn 9/21/2020
Modern: Red Prison - ft Zendikar FluffyWolf 9/21/2020
U/W Merfolk Pokerizer 9/21/2020
Bant Merfolk Pokerizer 9/21/2020
GW Elves docsims 9/21/2020
GB Elves docsims 9/21/2020
Mono-Green Tron docsims 9/21/2020
MGA Josefista2 9/21/2020
Bant Charix Defenders Meryn 9/21/2020
Bant Charix Defenders Meryn 9/21/2020
Modern: No Land Belcher (Zendikar) FluffyWolf 9/20/2020
Budget Esper Control bruh123 9/20/2020
Bant Felidar Evaros_TTV 9/20/2020
Landfall Scapeshift Zoo Meryn 9/19/2020
Eldrazi Tron Sad Panda 187 9/19/2020
AspiringSpikes Jeskai Wildfire Evaros_TTV 9/18/2020
Modern: Mardu Persistent Moth FluffyWolf 9/18/2020
Modern: UB 8 Crab Mill FluffyWolf 9/18/2020
Dimir Rogue Mill Meryn 9/18/2020
Monowhite Enchantment Dendostar 9/18/2020
Boros Nahiri Hammer Time Meryn 9/18/2020
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