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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Modern: RB Meathook'n Tokens - Oct 2022 FluffyWolf 10/5/2022
Modern: Red Rage - Combustion FluffyWolf 9/15/2022
Modern: Red Prison - Karn's Failed Sylex FluffyWolf 9/10/2022
Modern: Dylan Sheoldred Take the Wheel FluffyWolf 9/8/2022
Modern: UB Echo Reanimator FluffyWolf 8/29/2022
Modern: Red Prison 2022 - Q4 FluffyWolf 8/25/2022
Modern: Mardu Ponza FluffyWolf 8/24/2022
Modern: Abzan Rhino King FluffyWolf 8/22/2022
Modern: Mono White Tokens FluffyWolf 8/22/2022
Modern: Coffers Door FluffyWolf 8/21/2022
Modern: Gruul Ponza - Strip Mine FluffyWolf 8/17/2022
Modern: Iona's Red Prison FluffyWolf 8/9/2022
Modern: RG Prison - Raystack Special FluffyWolf 7/23/2022
Modern: Black Coffers - Qua4tre FluffyWolf 7/21/2022
Modern: Green Devotion 2022 FluffyWolf 7/19/2022
Modern: Ugin's Red Aggressive Prison FluffyWolf 7/17/2022
Modern: Red Prison - Ugin's Eidolon Fury FluffyWolf 7/9/2022
Modern: RW Ask Prison - v2 FluffyWolf 7/2/2022
Modern: RW Ask Prison FluffyWolf 6/23/2022
Modern: RW Ask Prison FluffyWolf 6/22/2022
Modern: Red RAGE FluffyWolf 6/22/2022
Modern: Black Discard Coffers FluffyWolf 6/17/2022
Modern: Red Strip Mine - MHayashi Brew FluffyWolf 6/13/2022
Modern: Russ Coffers FluffyWolf 5/27/2022
Modern: Elspeth's Shielded Prison (RW) FluffyWolf 5/9/2022
Modern: Red Prison - SCG 5k List FluffyWolf 5/7/2022
Modern: Mogis Nix Bitter Prison Bliss FluffyWolf 5/5/2022
Modern: Skelemental & Ob Nix RB Party FluffyWolf 5/2/2022
Modern: Black Coffers Golos FluffyWolf 5/1/2022
Modern: Ugin's Red Prison FluffyWolf 4/30/2022
Modern: Siege Rhino Worship - What a Troll FluffyWolf 4/28/2022
Modern: Blood Sun Prison - A Big Mana Take FluffyWolf 4/23/2022
Modern: RW Land Destruction 2022 Q2 FluffyWolf 4/23/2022
Modern: Red Anti Chalice Ugin Prison? FluffyWolf 4/19/2022
Modern: 2017 Jeskai vs 2022 Meta FluffyWolf 4/16/2022
Modern: Rhino FiveO - April Challenge (v2) FluffyWolf 4/14/2022
Modern: Hulk Combo 2022 FluffyWolf 4/14/2022
Modern: Persistent Brood Moth FluffyWolf 4/11/2022
Modern: Mono Black Coffers - Challenge List FluffyWolf 4/11/2022
Modern: Rhino FiveO - April Challenge (v1) FluffyWolf 4/9/2022
Modern: Troll Worship 2022 FluffyWolf 4/6/2022
Modern: Keruga Turtle Dreams FluffyWolf 4/5/2022
Modern: Mono Black - Dono FluffyWolf 4/4/2022
Modern: Anti Chalice Red Prison FluffyWolf 3/31/2022
Modern: BW Dragon Orzhov FluffyWolf 3/31/2022
Modern: Slivers - Zach v2 FluffyWolf 3/31/2022
Modern: Kroxa Skelemental No Kitty FluffyWolf 3/27/2022
Modern: Obosh Moons - Dono League FluffyWolf 3/25/2022
Modern: Coffers Control - Russ FluffyWolf 3/24/2022
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