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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Elemental Landfall Combo Jank Cthulhu 8/12/2022
Athreos Apostles Cthulhu 8/3/2022
Toxrill EDH Cthulhu 8/1/2022
Toski Ramp Cthulhu 8/1/2022
Uril Voltron Cthulhu 7/31/2022
Minsc and Boo Cthulhu 7/25/2022
Modern Spirits (budget?) Cthulhu 7/7/2022
Ponza Cthulhu 7/3/2022
budget infect cthulhu18 3/29/2022
reyhan, all-ingesting LordCthulhu 4/1/2021
Temur Aggro Cthulhu 3/21/2021
Spirited Away Cthulhu 3/18/2021
Golos EDH Cthulhu 3/15/2021
Cheerio Affinity Cthulhu 3/11/2021
Mono green tron Cthulhu 3/8/2021
Eldrazi Tron Cthulhu 3/7/2021
rg tron Cthulhu 3/7/2021
Bogles Cthulhu 3/7/2021
Athreos non budget Cthulhu 3/5/2021
Zur Necropotence Cthulhu 8/28/2020
Self mill Cthulhu 8/28/2020
Zaxara, the Exemplary Doomsday Cthulhu 8/27/2020
Neobrand Cthulhu 8/26/2020
Emrakul Spam Cthulhu 8/23/2020
Shabraz EDH Cthulhu 8/18/2020
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV EDH Cthulhu 8/17/2020
Storm Cthulhu 8/12/2020
Yidris Storm Cthulhu 8/12/2020
Nicol Bolas Superfriends Cthulhu 8/11/2020
Jund Living End Cthulhu 8/10/2020
Eggs Cthulhu 8/9/2020
New Hogaak Cthulhu 8/2/2020
Hogaak Cthulhu 7/31/2020
Bladeskull Cthulhu 7/30/2020
Rats Cthulhu 7/28/2020
Mono White Aggro Cthulhu 7/28/2020
Mono Green Creatures Cthulhu 7/27/2020
Mono Blue Control Cthulhu 7/27/2020
Azorius Tron Cthulhu 7/25/2020
One With Nothing Cthulhu 7/22/2020
One With Nothing Cthulhu 7/22/2020
Ivan Floch Azorius Control Cthulhu 7/21/2020
Mono Blue Tron Cthulhu 7/21/2020
Prison Cthulhu 7/21/2020
lantern Cthulhu 7/20/2020
Suffocation (Counter Focus) Modern bluecthulhu 1/26/2020
Suffocation (Discard Focus) Legacy bluecthulhu 1/20/2020
Suffocation (Land Focus - Classic Subfocus) Legacy bluecthulhu 1/19/2020
Suffocation (Damage Focus) bluecthulhu 1/18/2020
Suffocation (Land Focus - Pain Subfocus) Legacy bluecthulhu 1/17/2020
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