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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Lololol 6969 Lildylfresh 4/27/2021
Modern: Bant Infect - Geist Blessing FluffyWolf 4/27/2021
golos noah Lildylfresh 4/24/2021
EDH - Koma Simic FluffyWolf 4/20/2021
Green goblin Halfbloodsimp 4/17/2021
Green goblin Halfbloodsimp 4/17/2021
Modern: Green Tron - Dono FluffyWolf 4/8/2021
Angel Standard dwgr8ergolfer 4/5/2021
Modern: UG Infect - All the Living Ends FluffyWolf 4/5/2021
Modern: Grixis Coco FluffyWolf 4/5/2021
Mono Red Dragon Tribal Wolfiant 4/4/2021
Modern: Lantern Control FluffyWolf 4/3/2021
Modern: UB Mill - Mesmeric Orb Powers FluffyWolf 4/1/2021
Legacy: Sneak Attack Pig FluffyWolf 4/1/2021
Modern: Izzet Hollow One? FluffyWolf 3/29/2021
Modern: 8 WHACK! FluffyWolf 3/25/2021
Modern: Jund Death Shadow FluffyWolf 3/24/2021
Modern: Whispering Pox FluffyWolf 3/24/2021
Modern: Red Prison - Art of Artifacts - Post SSG FluffyWolf 3/24/2021
Modern: Bant Squirrel Blade FluffyWolf 3/21/2021
Modern: Escapeshift FluffyWolf 3/21/2021
Modern: Maralen Arbiter Lock FluffyWolf 3/20/2021
Modern: Sultai Shinobi Dono FluffyWolf 3/18/2021
Modern: Jeskai Control FluffyWolf 3/17/2021
Modern: Ponza Trinisphere Prison FluffyWolf 3/15/2021
Modern: Infect 8 Moon Red Prison FluffyWolf 3/13/2021
Modern: Winota Taxes - Spiderspace FluffyWolf 3/12/2021
Modern: Big Red Dragon Prison FluffyWolf 3/12/2021
Modern: Mardu Stoneblade FluffyWolf 3/8/2021
Modern: Gruul Prison - Post SSG FluffyWolf 3/7/2021
Modern: Vesperlark Reanimator - Iona & Egon FluffyWolf 3/7/2021
Modern: Elves - Combo Beck Pyres! FluffyWolf 3/3/2021
Modern: UB Grave Titan - Bad Ideas FluffyWolf 3/3/2021
Modern: Big Red Token Prison FluffyWolf 3/1/2021
Modern: Red Punisher - God of Hammer FluffyWolf 3/1/2021
Modern: Dragon Stompy - Red Prison FluffyWolf 2/27/2021
Modern: Goblin Red Prison FluffyWolf 2/26/2021
Modern: Seance Rhinos ETB Value FluffyWolf 2/26/2021
Modern: Chandra's Cat Prison Party FluffyWolf 2/23/2021
Modern: Out of Control - By: Rob Brind FluffyWolf 2/22/2021
Modern: Sultai Mill - Binding FluffyWolf 2/21/2021
Modern: Chandra Pivot Tribal - Prison & Burn Meetup FluffyWolf 2/19/2021
Modern: Mutate Moon - Everquill Phx Build FluffyWolf 2/19/2021
Modern: Red Prison - Aggro - Post SSG FluffyWolf 2/18/2021
Land Wipe rudigersmagicalfortress 2/17/2021
Modern: Lucky 7 Moon - Post SSG FluffyWolf 2/17/2021
Modern: Hyper Max Red Prison - Post SSG FluffyWolf 2/17/2021
Modern: Ponza Red Prison - Post SSG FluffyWolf 2/17/2021
Modern: Sun & Moon - Farewell Tour Tibalt FluffyWolf 2/15/2021
Nicol Bolas the Discarder lyncwolfe 2/13/2021
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