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Sliver EDH

by eraser_2104

Format: Vintage
Latest Set: Worldwake
Last Modified On: 3/19/2010
Market Median Low
$9,995.08 $5,688.76

Maindeck 101

Market Median Low




Average CMC: 3.4


Sliver Overlord is the General. **Thanks for the help on how to add split cards!** The meta at the shop where I play is heavy in blue control and combo. Memnarch, Zur, Jhoira, and Vendillion Clique are very popular, so Boseiju, Vexing Shusher, Root Sliver, and Krosan Grip are musts. All other choices in the deck are subject to change. Although these picks have been working very well for me, I am open to suggestions. Special Note: The fetches help with whatever color I need, plus they are inherent protection against Tunnel Vision! Mana Echoes + Sliver Queen + Acidic Sliver = love! Hide - Seek gets rid of Darksteel Forge in play or strips a combo piece from the opponents library (usually Palinchron)! Cards that should be making their way into this deck: Bound - Determined Pure - Simple (great against zur!)

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