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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Token Chef TriggerReed 8/1/2017
Pipe Piper magg28 8/1/2017
Long May She Reign, 2.0 Bruce Richard 8/1/2017
Talrand Price check Shirotsu 8/1/2017
Deck arcaneforest 8/1/2017
Trostani's Army caboaddict 8/1/2017
What is fun anyway??? I POOP FRUIT 8/1/2017
Tariel's Judgement caboaddict 8/1/2017
Ghoulcaller Ghisa Zombie EDH caboaddict 8/1/2017
Meren Commander caboaddict 8/1/2017
aurelia EDH budget 150dls r4g3xp 7/31/2017
Doran Commander Meowmeowbeenz808 7/31/2017
Horobi EDH etherealcaitiff 7/31/2017
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic (The Greatest List You Will Find) Tanner Cruse 7/31/2017
Ramos and Ramos and Ramos TotalSundae 7/30/2017
Stalwart Unity drivec 7/30/2017
Progenitus: Twilight of the Gods GrandGuardian 7/29/2017
Lovisa: Aggro 101 GrandGuardian 7/29/2017
Karador, Ghost Cheiftain: Reanimator Nonsense GrandGuardian 7/29/2017
EDH - Rashmi, Round 2 iR8Roont 7/28/2017
Sidisi EDH Mig 7/28/2017
Nicol Bolas And Slaves Tortoise Power 7/26/2017
Athreos, God of Passage Lulu22 7/25/2017
Grenzo Dungeon Denizens Mel Li 7/25/2017
Carlos' Sasaya Deck Carlos Gutierrez 7/25/2017
Budget Meren Reanimator Zman4050 7/25/2017
Bolas, The Ultimate Kyle F. 7/25/2017
Bolas FishKing22 7/24/2017
Xenagos qwerty 7/24/2017
Breya, Etherium Shaper omake 7/24/2017
Rashmi EDH TuxedoJackson 7/24/2017
Bolas TuxedoJackson 7/24/2017
Titania, Protector of Argoth TuxedoJackson 7/24/2017
Elemental Gruul Spart M22 7/24/2017
Patron of The Moon EDH Firefrye 7/23/2017
Grenzo Deck Serrot1498 7/23/2017
RAFIQ OF THE MANY BUDGET iclavero 7/23/2017
EDH - Breya (needs work) iR8Roont 7/23/2017
EDH - Kaalia iR8Roont 7/23/2017
EDH - Sedris (needs work) iR8Roont 7/23/2017
Elf 2 BouShea8205 7/23/2017
Elf BouShea8205 7/23/2017
Krenkin out Goblins Yoru 7/23/2017
EDH - Zedruu iR8Roont 7/22/2017
EDH - Gey Men for Everyone iR8Roont 7/22/2017
EDH - Rashmi, Round 1 iR8Roont 7/22/2017
EDH - Karona iR8Roont 7/22/2017
EDH - Not Sure iR8Roont 7/22/2017
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim carlos lecaros 7/22/2017
Keranos, God of Storms carlos lecaros 7/22/2017

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