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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Lala 4 MrJasonACas 2/9/2017
lala 3 MrJasonACas 2/9/2017
Lala 2 MrJasonACas 2/9/2017
Lala 1 MrJasonACas 2/9/2017
Vehicle Commander jarodsiefker 2/9/2017
Kaalia Commander El Baramallo 2/9/2017
Meren loserbob 2/8/2017
Ghave combo Mads 2/8/2017
Karlov Life campo91s 2/8/2017
animar Mads 2/8/2017
Progenitus: Twilight of the Gods GrandGuardian 2/8/2017
Atraxa, Super Friends/Infect sweendeezy 2/8/2017
Karona Grouphug GoldTropius 2/7/2017
PKK Zen Ho 2/7/2017
Omnath EDH mxzf42 2/7/2017
Geist of Saint Traft chacne 2/6/2017
For Honor, for cheap Requiem Angel 2/6/2017
For Honor Requiem Angel 2/5/2017
For Honor Requiem Angel 2/5/2017
For Honor Requiem Angel 2/5/2017
For Honor Requiem Angel 2/5/2017
Budget Goblins Astromess 2/5/2017
Ramses Overdark Straffa 2/5/2017
Rakdos, Lord of EDH Jakil 2/5/2017
aylmao Evelas 2/5/2017
whitey steadylynx 2/5/2017
20$ commander RG Tobias montreal 2/4/2017
EZURI DECK CMD PribaxD 2/4/2017
s HyShroom 2/4/2017
s HyShroom 2/4/2017
Jace-tice league Wah 2/4/2017
Vorel of the Hull Clade Commander SquirtleTheFirst 2/3/2017
Selvala Untapped BaM Bros 2/3/2017
Mina and Denn, Wildborn Sam625 2/2/2017
h HyShroom 2/2/2017
Karador, Ghost Cheiftain: Reanimator Nonsense GrandGuardian 2/2/2017
Rith, The Awakener: Vomit Tokens GrandGuardian 2/2/2017
Glissa, The Traitor EDH Swagger MrJasonACas 2/2/2017
Construct Tribal Hellio DW 2/1/2017
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Hellio DW 2/1/2017
Yahenni, Tribal Vampire Hellio DW 2/1/2017
Atraxa Amplify91 2/1/2017
bugdet artifact edh Wiked7778 2/1/2017
This Is Meren GolgariJunkman 2/1/2017
Atraxa Superfriends Daniel Bowery 1/31/2017
Sharuum the Hegemon EDH Gregory DiTomasso 1/31/2017
Atraxa SF DMU 1/31/2017
Dragons Naya campo91s 1/30/2017
fire burns silica1 1/30/2017
Animar , Soul of Elements SkullOfPoison 1/30/2017

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