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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Karador EDH Fertic_CZ 5/24/2017
Green Monsters Mr. D 5/24/2017
Atraxa EDH robocop2 5/24/2017
Persistant Visionary MertaxQ Commander 5/24/2017
Soraya budget Spumanti1985 5/23/2017
Vampire Tribal - cmd Jesskeez 5/23/2017
Orzhov Infinite - cmd Jesskeez 5/23/2017
Leovold the hated - cmd Jesskeez 5/23/2017
Erebos LHSpud22 5/23/2017
Bow To Your Sliver Overlord poynz13 5/23/2017
Erebos LHSpud22 5/23/2017
Token Frenzy Darthbane 5/22/2017
Nosh Like a Prossh Yarsiemanym 5/22/2017
Tripping Balls Yarsiemanym 5/22/2017
Samut's Dragons Portwood 5/21/2017
Doltron (Doran Voltron) Centurion13 5/21/2017
Teneb, Dragon of Wrath Pluvian 5/20/2017
Damia's Post-Apocalyptic Windfarm Pluvian 5/20/2017
Rashmi EDH Portwood 5/20/2017
Hayli's Hapatra Budget Rurouni82 5/20/2017
Leovold EDH Portwood 5/20/2017
Doran Wall EDH Portwood 5/20/2017
Slivers EDH Portwood 5/20/2017
Red Green Werewolves InternalError 5/20/2017
Oketra Budget EDH Rurouni82 5/20/2017
Mighty Morphin Minotaurs Optimus Heim 5/20/2017
Temmet, Lord of Budget Toroik24 5/19/2017
Rhonas the Terrible Toroik24 5/19/2017
Oketra super ultra budge EDH Logan LaBoube 5/19/2017
Oketra ultra Budget EDH Logan LaBoube 5/19/2017
Oketra Budget EDH Logan LaBoube 5/19/2017
Rhonas, The Terrible Toroik24 5/19/2017
Keranos, God of Storms (Old) kristbg 5/19/2017
Rashmi EDH Zendorea 5/19/2017
Marchesa, the Black Rose EDH Pig_r_life 5/19/2017
elf 3 rack servantman 5/19/2017
Nissa Latifundiária IcyTaichou 5/18/2017
Trostani 1.0 Ragner86 5/18/2017
(Done) EDH Mono Red - Zada iR8Roont 5/18/2017
Roon <20$ Delpheki1323123 5/17/2017
maralen storm Derpachief04 5/17/2017
Azami Budget Commander deck Derpachief04 5/17/2017
Tresserhorn (budget) Salj 5/16/2017
Soldiers of Iroas Uncle Dukey 5/16/2017
Tajic, Blade of the Legion Bruce Richard 5/16/2017
Ezuri's Fun Time WolfWar 5/16/2017
Riku, Who Pod's Them All CoolNerdGames 5/16/2017
Dinosaurs! bbmon9000 5/16/2017
Omnath Yangoose 5/15/2017
Jeleva LHSpud22 5/15/2017

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