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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
The Cat's Meow NoirCroix 8/19/2017
Grixis Mill Commander SithDragon33 8/19/2017
Gisa and Geralf Whitezero 8/18/2017
W B R G Warrior Saskia Commander SithDragon33 8/18/2017
Kaalia of the Vast WolfWar 8/18/2017
Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder WolfWar 8/18/2017
House of Mirrors 3.0 ClassicCody 8/17/2017
House of mirrors 2.0 ClassicCody 8/17/2017
death from rngesus the ho man 8/17/2017
House of Mirrors ClassicCody 8/17/2017
Malestrom Wanderer edh mass D Rifed1deadman 8/16/2017
Meren lemonbread 8/16/2017
prosssssh lemonbread 8/16/2017
Zur the Enchanted tas680 8/16/2017
Slivers! Thatjeepguy 8/16/2017
Simic Elves ClassicCody 8/15/2017
Sek'Kuar, Memekeeper Brobarington 8/15/2017
Trostani Life Gain Tokens adamcordova 8/15/2017
Rashmi, Eternities Crafter aidenpk 8/15/2017
Spiders 400 IQ Genius 8/15/2017
Olorhoe Dig Slash 8/15/2017
Enchantment Haven MTG Commander 8/14/2017
Gw life gain Brobarington 8/14/2017
Bant Guys Hangry 8/13/2017
Athreos EDH CaptainThrow 8/13/2017
W/B Kambul Aerilan 8/12/2017
Breya's Token Diversity Pluvian 8/12/2017
Atraxa's Harley Progress 8/12/2017
Kami EDH call_me_ding 8/12/2017
Melek EDH hebrewhammer30 8/12/2017
Ghave, Guru of Spores EDH hebrewhammer30 8/12/2017
trostani Dregumo 8/11/2017
Karametra Dregumo 8/11/2017
Brago EDH TheAlphaXY 8/11/2017
Vampire commander Vampire 8/11/2017
Gisela EDH hebrewhammer30 8/11/2017
Black Blue Puke Nedeku 8/10/2017
EDH - Karador iR8Roont 8/9/2017
Ruhan EDH call_me_ding 8/8/2017
Gitrog EDH call_me_ding 8/8/2017
Jeskai Flying Taxes Pluvian 8/8/2017
Rafiq bonefromthevoid 8/8/2017
Eldrazi Thwacky01 8/7/2017
tribal demons Illaoi Bot 8/7/2017
Surrak Fight Club Pluvian 8/7/2017
Stone Death Pluvian 8/7/2017
S-askia'n for a Thrash'n Pluvian 8/6/2017
Kaalidiac of the Skies Pluvian 8/6/2017
Chainer's Devotion Pluvian 8/6/2017
Dr. Strangelove Pluvian 8/6/2017

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